Amazing Hacks To Rule The Return To School

Aug 15, 2022 | Lifestyle, Parenting, Productivity

Are you worried about being buried in a mountain of emails, carpool schedules, and homework projects now that school is back in session? Let me guide you through the best back to school systems to keep things running smoothly!

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Big Changes Ahead!

It's heeeere! Back to school time has arrived, and things are BUSY! Is it just me or did summer totally fly by?? I'm already missing eating popsicles by the pool and watching my kids play. *Cue major sad face*

But! Even though things are busy, a part of me really not-so-secretly loves getting back into a solid school year routine. (A little more quiet around the house doesn't hurt either, amirite?!) And because I've done this a few times now, I've figured out some of the best ways to rule the return.

If you've been here for a while, or if you caught my last Masterclass, you'll know that summer time at the Page household doesn't mean all structure goes out the window. We like to keep things organized around here because it keeps us all happier!

However, a big shift in schedules and routines is always a little rocky. That's why I've worked so hard to establish these family systems so we can jump right in and hit the ground running. And the best part…I'm going to share them with YOU!

Back To School Challenges

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The transition to summer time to school usually means big changes for both parents and kiddos. The calendar that was previously pretty open and flexible is suddenly filling in with important things. Back To School Night! Registration forms! School fees! Bus schedules! Team try-outs! Etc., etc.

Not only that, what about lunches? Snacks? Water bottles? School uniforms? Supplies?


It's easy to feel overwhelmed by emails and forms and transportation. But what about the kids? They are often feeling overwhelmed too. There's big emotions around meeting new teachers and classmates, learning new rules, and maybe even starting at a whole new school!

As parents, it's important that we remain emotionally available to support our kids through these big transitions. When we feel overwhelmed, that can be hard to do!

That's why the systems and hacks I've developed are so important! It's not just about being more productive. It's about being the best parents we can be and strengthening our family each day!

How To Rule The Return

Graphic of a chalkboard surrounded by school supplies. The chalkboard says "Rule The Return - Back To School Masterclass - Catch The Replay!"

It is possible to tackle the back to school craziness without going crazy!

I have put together all my very best, life-changing back to school advice in one epic Masterclass that you don't want to miss! I use these strategies with my own children (*cough* all 8 of them *cough*) to make sure we stay on top of things and work together as a family unit. In this class I'll teach you:

  • How to set up a school year routine that works for everyone
  • How to stay on top of important dates without things slipping through the cracks
  • How to manage back to school shopping, fees, and budgets
  • Ideas for easy meal prepping
  • Generally, how to kick butt and help your kids succeed!

You can catch the Masterclass replay HERE! Come listen as I answer questions from Freebs and help you live your best life, even when life is nuts!

I truly want you and your kids to feel energized and ready to tackle this next school year. Because I want to help as many people as possible, we've kept the cost of the class super low! Watch the replay for less than $7 and it's yours to refer to any time you need it.

Keep Being Awesome!

Are you ready for the new school year? What are your biggest challenges?

Whatever you're up against, remember that you got this! You are the mama your kids need, and with the right tools you can succeed at anything! My team and I are here to cheer you on and set you up for success. Join me HERE to rule the return!

Can't wait! Let's do this!


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