Affordable And Practical Organization Hacks For Families

Jul 27, 2022 | Cleaning Tips and Tricks, Organization, Productivity

Organizing your home can help it look prettier, but it should also be practical for your family! I've got inexpensive organization hacks that will make your days less stressful and more productive!

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Living in a home with a lot of kids means we have a lot of STUFF! If I'm not careful, that stuff can quickly become overwhelming…which makes life feel overwhelming…and then, well, things are not good.

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That's why I've developed some organization hacks that have helped me keep my sanity and keep my home running smoothly. Plus, these hacks are all super affordable! Win-win!

Organization That Checks All The Boxes

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Raise of hands, who has binged home organization shows on Netflix while simultaneously shopping online for ALL the organizing things?

*Raises hand*

I am a sucker for a color coordinated display that makes me feel like I have my life together just by looking at it. I mean, who isn't?? It's just so darn satisfying!

However, I am a big believer that the best home organization should be super functional and practical, and that looking pretty is just the icing on the cake. If it doesn't make your life more simple or more productive, it's not doing the job it should be!

You also know I'm a big believer in doing things the affordable way! Sometimes buying all the bins and shelves and hooks is super helpful….and sometimes not! I'll show you my favorite organizing hacks that have made our life as a family of ten both less stressful AND more productive!

Practical Organization Hacks #1 – Keep Children's Items Where They Can Reach Them

Ok, this might sound like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised by how many items your kids use every day that might be out of their reach!

Do you want your kids to be self-sufficient in getting a drink of water, or a snack, or a jacket? And then conversely, being able to put those items away? Keep the items down low! This might be a bottom drawer in the kitchen full of kid-friendly cups, a basket under a bench with shoes or jackets, etc.

Making children's items more accessible makes it easier for your kids to do things for themselves, including cleaning up…which means a more organized home! Take stock of the items your kids use regularly and think of ways to store those items within reach of little hands. With a few simple swaps you can increase productivity and decrease frustration in no time!

Practical Organization Hacks #2 – Keep Things Where You Use Them

Another no-brainer tip, but again, you'd be surprised how many things are stored in places where we don't even use them!

For example: shoes and socks! Most of us were raised to keep our shoes in our bedroom closet and socks in a drawer in our room, right? But how often do we actually put on our socks and shoes before we leave our bedrooms in the morning? Almost never!

For our family, we keep shoes and socks in utility drawers by the garage door, since that is where the action happens! If you notice certain items keep getting left in parts of the house, maybe it means that's where they need to be stored.

Practical Organization Hacks #3 – Bigger Containers Are Often Better

Image of well organized bathroom cabinet with plastic drawers and stacked toilet paper rolls.

If you're anything like me, when it comes to figuring out what types of organization tools you need it can send your brain into overload! It becomes tempting to buy ALL the things in an attempt to tame the chaos. But! Repeat after me: less is more.

I have found when it comes to buying bins to hold things in (under my bathroom or kitchen sink, for example), bigger is better. A nice big container that holds a lot of things is better than many small containers.

Pro tip: When buying containers, I have saved so much money by doing my shopping through Rakuten! Check out my video below to learn how to sign up and save big bucks while also getting your life together.

Practical Organization Hacks #4 – Have A Designated Catch-All Area

Did I really just say that?! Yes, I did!

I tried so hard to fight the fact that we always had an area where electronic devices went to be charged and random things to be stored. But, I finally realized that's just how things functioned best for us, so I made it work.

I bought a charging station so we can keep track of all the electronics. Is it pretty? Not exactly. But is it functional? Yes! And it makes our life run smoother, which is what it's all about! Sometimes the solution for a problem doesn't look like what you'll see on a tv show, and that's ok!

Along that same line, don't be afraid to think outside the box! Maybe an organizational tool intended for one area of the house, like your kitchen, would work great in your bathroom. Do what works for you, even if it is outside of the norm!

Watch My YouTube Video!

Because I love all my Freebs so much, I made a YouTube video going over how I apply these practical and affordable organizational hacks in my own home. Check it out!

There you have it, friends! My real-life, practical, affordable organization hacks for keeping things running smoothly for my big, busy family. I'd love to hear how you do these things, so leave me a comment!

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