8 Crazy Awesome & FREE Things You Can Get With Your Library Card

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If you don't have a library card, then run, don't walk! That little piece of plastic can get you SO much more than books. From learning a new language to reading your fave magazines, check out these really cool library card freebies (literally)!

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If you have a library card in your wallet, then you've pretty much got the golden ticket! We bet you already know about the free storytimes for kids, and of course, you know about all the books… but did you know you can use your library card to cash in on a bunch of other freebies, too?!

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We're talking about free video games, online courses, magazines, and more! Like, crazy cool perks. Grab your library card, or go sign up for one. You're going to want to save and share this post for sure!


If you have a library card, you can access a huge online portal of digital content through the RG Digital app! Whether you're looking to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip, want home decor tips, or want to keep the kids entertained with their favorite comics, you can find digital editions of just about anything. For. Free.

Aside from the magazines, RG Digital also has a library of audiobooks and newspapers, and all of their content is viewable from a tablet, laptop, or phone, which is SO convenient! They offer on-demand concerts, Indie films, and British TV shows, too. Pretty dang cool if you ask us.


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Want to learn more about your roots? Before you pay full-price for an Ancestry.com subscription, check with your local library. Most libraries offer free access to the service on their computers.

No, you can't sit at home in your jammies and surf those family trees, but those memberships can cost as much as $50 each month, so talk about a steal! Take the kids to storytime, and do a little research while you're there.


Hablo español? If you want to learn a new language, you can do it for FREE with your library card. Most public libraries have a partnership with an online software called Mango, which gives you access to on-demand courses that teach users how to speak more than 70 languages.

Their app is compatible with Apple devices, Androids, and Kindle, so you can take your French lessons on the road! What makes it really cool is that the app adapts to your learning style and the classes are super interactive. So, if learning a new language is on your bucket list, get out your library card and check out Mango!


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On the hunt for the perfect job? Well, don't sleep on the job portals your local library offers! Most public libraries have an online directory of local jobs, and they also offer free resources that will help you land your dream gig.

Whether you need help with your resume or need to take a course or two to brush up on your skills, your library can probably help. Check your local library's website for all the deets, or ask your librarian the next time you stop by to pick up your books.


Before you buy that new car or upgrade your kitchen appliances, you need to save up and budget for those expenses. And to get the most bang for your buck, we always suggest doing your research!

One of the best research tools around is Consumer Reports. While many of their reports are subscription-only, you can access them for free with your Library card.


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Calling all gamers: this tip alone is gonna save you a TON of cash! Before you run out and buy the latest game for your Playstation or Nintendo Switch, call your local library! Most offer game rentals in addition to the books, CDs, and DVDs you can borrow. Some even let you rent the game system or play the games right in the library!

Rent the game before you buy it, so you can make sure it's worth your money. Or, check out a few games each month to keep things exciting. Variety is the spice of life, right?!


Watch out, Hulu! Believe it or not, your local library probably offers a ton of movies that you can stream online for free! Some are educational, and others are just for fun.

OneDrive, a Rakuten company (you guys know we love them!), offers an online library of movies that you can access anywhere. Just sign for a free account using your library card! They offer eBooks, too, which is nice!

You should also check out Hoopla. They offer audiobooks, including the Harry Potter series and movies like 13 Going on 30 (guilty pleasure). Again, it's all FREE, thanks to your public library. Just sign up for an account with your library card, and start streaming.


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Tired of those after-school arguments? Totally perplexed by your kid's math project? Your library card just might save the day! In many areas, including cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York (and many towns in between), you can access free tutoring services through your local library.

Some offer in-person homework help, and others provide virtual services. Check with your local branch to get all the details and reserve a spot for your kids!

We don't know about you, but we're pretty excited about these perks to library card membership! Time to dust off that old library card and have some fun, you guys.

Does your local library offer any freebies we didn't mention? Tell us about them! Drop a comment below, or stop by the Fun Cheap or Free Facebook page and say hi.

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Happy reading! (And streaming, gaming, etc.)

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