How to get the cheapest price on FLIGHTS! (Tips you NEED to know!)

Pay less for flights - tips and tricks to save a BUNDLE! Spring Break, anyone?!

ALOHA from Hawaii! That's right, I'm in Oahu right now and loving it. I love to travel (who doesn't, right??), but flights are usually what hold us back from going to all the places on our bucket list. Lucky for you, over time I have gathered a list of tips on how to get the cheapest price on flights! With spring break right around the corner, you'll want this info in your back pocket, because I'm telling you, it can save you a small fortune. I took the info from an old post and updated it and added lots more tips for you. Hope you enjoy! (And see what we're up to in Hawaii on my personal Instagram!)

How to Get the Cheapest Price on Flights:

Pay less for flights - tips and tricks to save a BUNDLE! Spring Break, anyone?!


  • Fly on a Wednesday when you can. Why? Studies have shown it's the cheapest day to fly! If you can't fly on a Wednesday, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the next best days. Avoid Fridays and Sundays – those are the most expensive days to fly.


  • When searching for your flights, do it in private or incognito mode. The internet is a nosey place, filled with ways companies can track your every move. In the good old standby of “supply and demand”, if they know you're looking to visit Hawaii in the spring, ticket prices will go up. Sad, but true!


  • The best time to shop for and buy airline tickets is on Tuesdays at 3:00EST. Most sales that are put up on Tuesdays are taken down by Thursday, so if you are buying airline tickets over the weekend then you're probably paying too much.
  • 54 days ahead is the magic number. The folks at CheapAir did an extensive study over the course of 1 year, analyzing millions of purchased flights. Turns out passengers got the best price on their flight when booked 54 days before their trip! Crazy, right? If you can't do 54 days they say to book within the 112 – 21 days window. Read more about the study in this interesting article.


  • If there is more than one person flying in your party, buy each ticket separately. Airlines are required to sell everyone in your party the same price on tickets, so if you split them up you could possibly find cheaper fares. Average out the cost throughout your party if needed.


  • Be flexible with dates. Check at least one day before or after your preferred arrival/departure date and you could save major bucks!
  • Try to travel at the “not so popular” times of year. February, September/October, and beginning of December are great times of year to get killer deals.
  • Check multiple airlines. The one you usually fly on may not have the best deal. You can even use a site like to compare all airlines for you, or you can bid for a price.
  • Be willing to fly “indirect”. Sometimes, making an extra stop at a connecting airport can save you OODLES on your ticket prices! Be open to stopping on your way to and from your final destination; your wallet will thank you!


  • Sign up for airlines' email lists. You'll be notified of special sales. Every airline is different, but getting notified every time a promotion goes live could save you a TON!
  • Skip the “middle man” when you can. I know, I love Expedia, Orbitz, and the like — I love seeing all the different prices on one page, but there is a chance, those prices are not the most current, up-to-date prices. Visit the airlines website, and see if you can get it cheaper through them direct. You never know, until you check!

BE NONCOMMITTAL (when you can)! 

  • Always keep your eyes peeled for a better deal! This tip requires planning, and self discipline. When you purchase your tickets online, typically, if you are booking at least a week in advance, and depending on your airline, you can get a refund on the tickets for a certain period of time prior to your trip. If prices are up and down, and you see a low point, BUY THEM! If you are able to purchase through a website where they can be refunded, KEEP LOOKING! You never know when the prices may drop once more, so be on your a-game!

I hope these tips will help you save on your next family adventure! Enjoy saving some cash, and spending it on an extra churro at Disneyland, or something!

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How do YOU save money on flights and travel? Leave your tips in the comments below and share with us all!

Happy Travels!



  1. AvatarCarol says

    Holy moly! My sister lives in Ohio so I’m always looking for flights.normally they are around $400. I just went and searched, using Jordan’s tips, and the ticket was less than $300!! That’s amazing to me. Jordan, thank you so much for all the info in this post.

  2. AvatarDani from Danielle and Co. says

    The flights really are what always scares me off from traveling! Especially with kids… the cost just adds up so fast. I’ve noticed on the East Coat (where I’m currently living) choosing which airport your layover is at makes a huge difference; for instance, I always choose the Detroit layover when traveling from New York, since it seems much cheaper than the flight with a Philadelphia layover. No idea why though!
    Dani from Danielle and Co. recently posted…Design Around Bold SheetsMy Profile

  3. AvatarRebecca says

    I have also noticed you get different prices if you search on your phone verses your computer. I recently was looking for flights for my mom and I found better deals when searching on my computer vs phone on the same exact flights!

  4. AvatarDanielle says

    Thanks for these tips! In a recent search for a flight to Disneyland I couldn’t find any useful info on this! So glad you made this post! I ended up using the app Skyscanner. You put in all the details and it alerts you each time the price of the flight goes up or down. After watching the flight for a month or so, we ended up getting it at the all time low of $117 round trip on JetBlue! LIFESAVER!

  5. AvatarMichelle moore says

    I do my final purchase on a PC at the public library as often as possible. The prices go down if you change IP addresses and are not on a Mac device. I took a trip to Bali in 2013 and made my final ticket purchase for 300 less/ person just by making this switch.

  6. AvatarSarah says

    I know I’m a little late on this post, but how do you purchase tickets individually for the same price? When I check the price I get nervous that the price would change on me when I purchase the next ticket.

  7. AvatarKrista says

    The larger the airport, generally the cheaper the tickets. For example, flying into Montgomery AL is well over $500. Flying into Atlanta GA and getting a rental car to drive to the MGM airport, saved us over $250.

  8. AvatarHeather B says

    It’s crazy to me how much you can save by buying tickets separately! It’s not something I used to even know to think about!

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