New YouTube Video: Giving Away HALF My Closet!

Nov 16, 2023 | Organization, Video, YouTube

For over a decade, I've been sharing productivity and organization hacks with you. But I have to confess something: my closet has gotten a little out of control! Watch this fun video & get inspired to purge your own excess! Let's do it together!

Exclusive tour of my closet!

My closet isn't a stranger to the internet – I've shared videos in the past where we organize together, and isn't that feeling of accomplishment afterwards just SO GOOD?! How can they bottle up that feeling?

Well, as the internet is my witness, the closet is no longer looking so tidy and I decided to go to the extreme this time……I'm giving away HALF of my closet! Literally! I'm counting articles of clothing in every category, and forcing myself to weed through what I really want to keep. The rest? Donated, if possible! Trash, if it's too worn! Come through it with me, and maybe even find your own area in your home that can use a good purge session! It's cathartic, I promise.


Alright, are you doing this with me?! Don't forget, let's make this simple for ourselves:

1.) Take it One. Section. At. A. Time.

2.) Count the items you have.

3.) Set a goal for how much you want to get rid of. DON'T SKIP THIS STEP! I found that by setting a NUMBER of items in each category that I needed to get rid of, I was able to make decisions more easily!

4.) Make Quick Decisions!

5.) Donate and toss your items right away. It feels so good!

Can't get enough of the closet clean-outs? Check out this other video I shared when my closet was at its messiest!

What other content would you like to see from me on my YouTube channel? I'm having so much fun getting back into filming for you guys!

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Did you tackle an area of your own home with me? What did you purge?! I want to know in the comments below!



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  1. Fami

    If you could send the clothes you decide to donate overseas, is it possible to have them?


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