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How to Embrace CHANGE and live a truly happy life.

source Yesterday I was watching What Not To Wear while folding clothes. I was watching only half-heartedly, distracted by my whites vs colors. Stacy and Clinton (LOVE. THEM.) were working with an ex-ballerina (Holly) who gained weight after not accomplishing her dream of becoming a professional dancer, and was having trouble accepting her new body….

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Setting successful New Year’s resolutions

Well, folks, it’s February. (…and end of February, at that!) January 1st now seems like it was AGES ago, doesn’t it? If you’re anything like me, the New Year brings new motivation to set and achieve goals for the year. And, if you’re anything like me, you tend to start off great…. …for about 3…

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A beautiful poem…

Today I am posting something a little different. Let me explain… My aunt made a beautiful photo book commemorating the short life of her brother, Steven, who died when he was only 2.5 years old of Leukemia. She shared the book with me and I couldn’t put it down. Though he died back in 1957…