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Baby and Kids

Baby and Kids

Friend-Feature Friday: Cloth Diapers 101

(For Cloth Diapers Part 2 click HERE) My friend and fellow blogger Kami read my post about our getting out of debt, and had one more huge suggestion for me… cloth diapers! It’s true, diapers are “eating” us out of house and home. We go through 75-85+ every 10 days (I know this because I…

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"Instant-Library" Thrift Store Gift Basket

I’ve posted before about how expensive brand new children’s books can be (especially hard-backs!), and how buying them at thrift stores and/or your local library is a great way to get fabulous books for cheap (HERE for example). Well, here’s a tip to take your used books to the next level! I went to a thrift…

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Kids clothes for less

I love Wal Mart, but I know many people associate Wal Mart with “cheap” or low-quality things. I have found it to be the contrary, personally! My tip for today is:Take advantage of Wal Mart’s cheap kids clothes! My baby boy has more clothes in his closet than I do, thanks to their Garanimals line….