Bigger is Actually Better! (in this case, anyway…)

How buying BIG bags of food can save you BIG money (quick video tip) from

I'm just about killing myself over the big Disneyland series I've been working on for the last 5 years of my life (or so it feels, anyway). It's almost done! YAAAY! But I wanted to prove to you that I'm still alive. So here's another quick (super flattering and professional…) video tip for you in the meantime! It's about how bigger is actually better! (When it comes to food, anyway.)

A lot of people ask me how to buy big bags/boxes/containers of food, and not LOSE money over it. They don't call Costco “the 200 dollar store” for nothing, after all. One of my best secrets is simple, as explained in this quick video tip!

Watch online or click and watch below:

See how easy that is?

Buy large containers and divide the food out! Here are a few ways I stretch large containers or bags of food to save me money:

  • Divide into baggies for grab-and-go snacks and lunch bag items. I try to leave a bag of various snack items in my car for me and the kids which cuts down on impulsive drive-through runs dramatically!
  • Divide individually or into smaller portions and freeze them. This works great for veggies, bags of spinach [for smoothies], fruit, nuts, and meat as I show in this video. Even bread crumbs can be frozen!
  • Cook it up (if it needs cooking) and THEN freeze it in smaller portions.
  • If it's something that goes stale easily (like an opened bag of chips, for example) I find recipes to help me use up the item. Yes, you can use potato chips in recipes and it tastes DANG good! I go to and “search by ingredient”. I type in what I need to use up and BAM. Tons of ideas. Just be sure to read the comments and reviews.

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And remember, if you like to shop at Sams Club or Costco, there are tips and tricks for not losing your entire paycheck there! See my ultimate “Shopping at Costco” guide for more info.

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  1. AvatarKendra says

    ypu talk about shopping at Walmart and Costco for groceries but I was wondering if you had any Winco’s or Grocery Outlets there and what your price comparisons are there. Here (Portland OR) they are hands down the absolute cheapest. Just wondering your thoughts! We actually don’t have hardly any walmarts especially close so it’s always been Winco for us. In our local paper they did a price comparison of all grocery places around and they hands down won. Sometimes costco can beat their price but less than 20% of the time.

  2. AvatarMary says

    My twins are off to college now, but when they were little, I did this all the time. I’d get a big bag of Cheetos or chips and divide it up into snack bags. It was WAY cheaper than buying the individual lunch portioned bags. I could get 2 weeks worth of lunch snacks from one big bag. If I had 2-3 bags of pretzels, crackers, etc… I’d sometimes combine to make up a “mix” before it went stale. Of course, you can buy mega packs of cookies and divide up as well. I would also do this with large cans and jars of sugar free fruit. I’d buy small containers I could fill, stack in the fridge and grab when packing lunches. I’d just throw the containers in the dishwasher when the kids got home. If you really want to save some money, grab a big package of lunch meat and a couple loaves of bread at SAMs or Costco. Assemble all of your kids (husbands) sandwiches and put in ziplocks. I’d then stack all of the wrapped sandwiches in the empty bread bag (so they are double wrapped) and put them in my freezer. Packing lunches is a breeze and the sandwiches are thawed and super fresh and good at lunch. PB and Js freeze great too. I liked that I had more control over their lunches. I could watch the fat, sugar, portion size, etc… When I made my own bags. My girls NEVER ordered lunch once they hit the 5th grade, so I’ve packed a lot of lunches! 🙂

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Good question. Typically no, I don’t think so, you’d have to buy HUGE quantities of all the ingredients to make it as cheap as Costco could do it. The benefits of making it yourself would be if you were going to make a more exotic trail mix potentially (with fancier nuts) or wanted to customize the mix to be more of how you like it. BUT! If you were able to buy from a bulk section from Winco or a similar store then I’m not sure, give it a try!

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