How buying BIG bags of food can save you BIG money (quick video tip) from

I'm just about killing myself over the big Disneyland series I've been working on for the last 5 years of my life (or so it feels, anyway). It's almost done! YAAAY! But I wanted to prove to you that I'm still alive. So here's another quick (super flattering and professional…) video tip for you in the meantime! It's about how bigger is actually better! (When it comes to food, anyway.)

A lot of people ask me how to buy big bags/boxes/containers of food, and not LOSE money over it. They don't call Costco “the 200 dollar store” for nothing, after all. One of my best secrets is simple!

Buy large containers and divide the food out! Here are a few ways I stretch large containers or bags of food to save me money:

  • Divide into baggies for grab-and-go snacks and lunch bag items. I try to leave a bag of various snack items in my car for me and the kids which cuts down on impulsive drive-through runs dramatically!
  • Divide individually or into smaller portions and freeze them. This works great for veggies, bags of spinach [for smoothies], fruit, nuts, and meat as I show in this video. Even bread crumbs can be frozen!
  • Cook it up (if it needs cooking) and THEN freeze it in smaller portions.
  • If it's something that goes stale easily (like an opened bag of chips, for example) I find recipes to help me use up the item. Yes, you can use potato chips in recipes and it tastes DANG good! I go to and “search by ingredient”. I type in what I need to use up and BAM. Tons of ideas. Just be sure to read the comments and reviews.

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Have a fabulous Monday!