Beach Must Haves List For Your Next Vacation

May 18, 2022 | Family Time, Lifestyle, Travel

If you have a beach or tropical vacation coming up, this beach must-haves list is for you! We've got everything from swimwear to accessories to make your next beach trip the best ever!

Family of four sitting on the beach - a mom, dad, and two young kids. Their backs are facing the camera and they are wearing hats and swimsuits. Their hands are in the air excitedly as they look out at the ocean.

There's not much more relaxing that sitting on a warm beach, soaking up the sun with sand between your toes. Before you head off into warm, salt-filled air bliss, keep on reading for must have beach items including our favorite swimwear, towels, and accessories.

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Start relaxing now, because this list of our favorite beach must haves is going to help you make sure you have everything you need to make your next trip to paradise as easy and convenient as possible! With just a few clicks, you can have almost everything you need shipped right to your house.


Image of a bright red utility wagon on a sandy beach with a blue sky in the background. The wagon is full of beach toys.

Whether you spend hundreds or score an affordable piece on Amazon, finding swimwear that fits properly is super important. If you're anything like us, proper support plus comfort both play a huge role. Check out our favorite suits and add them to your beach vacation packing list.

  • This vibrantly colored floral one piece suit is not only super affordable, but it's also super cute!
  • The tie knot on this two piece suit from Amazon is adorable. We may or may not have a few different colors at home.
  • What more could you want than a high waist combined with a crop top? Grab this two piece suit for less than $30.
  • Add this watercolor two piece set from Amazon to your list FAST!
  • If you're looking for more sun protection, rash guards are what you need. We grabbed this zippered rash guard with a built in bra and love it!
  • Swimsuit cover-ups are one of our top beach must haves. We love how flowy, affordable, and stylish this one from Amazon is.
  • You'll love this dress and this dress as cover-up options as well!
  • We can talk about our favorite swimwear and leave out Rad Swim. We have multiple pieces from them and love them ALL! Use code JORDAN for 10% off your next Rad Swim purchase!


When it comes to men's swimwear on your beach packing list, we always recommend sun shirts as well as trunks. They don't have to be worn all of the time, but getting that extra protection from the sun is super important when it comes to protecting the skin.

  • This UPF 50+ Sun Shirt adds extra protection and goes with almost any trunks.
  • Need a sun shirt with long sleeves? We took this one on a recent trip and will take it again.
  • For added sun protection, we recommend beach hats. This one does not disappoint.
  • Not everyone is a huge fan of water shoes, but we love them! These from Amazon can be used for multiple things after you get home.
  • We also love Rad Swim for men and boys' swimwear. Don't forget to use code JORDAN for 10% off!


Image of four small sandcastles with beach toys and pails scattered around them.

Here's where the real magic happens! We've shared our favorite swimwear, but we all know the most important part of your family beach packing list is the accessories!

  • Sunglasses Strap – Keep the entire family's sunglasses safe with these sunglass straps.
  • Sunglasses – Put your sunglasses strap to good use with these affordable sunglasses! We also love this version for kids.
  • Microfiber Beach Towel – We've used these towels for years! They're fast drying, absorb so. much. water, and repel sand.
  • Waterproof Phone Case – Protect your phone from water with one of these cases.
  • Snorkel Set – Kids AND adults love exploring the water. Grab this snorkel set and see what's lurking below.
  • Full Face Snorkel SetHere's another option for snorkels that will help you explore reefs or adventure below the surface.
  • Reef Friendly Sunblock – Protect your skin and our coral reefs with this sunblock.
  • Mesh Bag – Tote your beach toys around without a ton of sand in this mesh tote bag.
  • Sand Toys – A good beach trip isn't complete without some sand castle building and play! We like this set of toys.
  • Beach Shoes – Kids need beach shoes, too! This option will stay on their feet through long days!
  • Beach Tent – Check to make sure the beach you're going to allows these before you purchase, but if they do, you will not regret the shade these beach tents offer!
  • Soft Pack Cooler – It's not a beach trip without drinks and snacks, right? We love how much this cooler holds and how easy it is to transport from beach to car!


We get it, one one wants to go to dinner and sandy beach clothes! We recently went on a trip and found some cute outfits to wear poolside or to a quick lunch or dinner out with the fam.

  • This two piece boho outfit is what dreams are made of! If you want more coverage, add a few layers! It's light, airy, and is a super cute vacation outfit! This color option is cute, too!
  • This one is perfect to wear as a coverup outfit to the beach or for a quick lunch! We're huge fans of the turmeric color!
  • Pop these shorts on over your bathing suit and you're good to go! We like these shorts, too!
  • This jumpsuit is a great for casual dinners or you can dress it up with accessories and wear it out for a night on the town.
  • You can't wear a beach vacation outfit without cute flip flops! We think these go with almost anything!


Feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to do before your trip? We've been there, too! There's no shortage of tasks that need to be remembered, so we've created a handy-dandy travel to-do list! Check out this amazing daily breakdown of tasks you can do in the week leading up to your vacation. You'll be able to walk out your door stress-free, knowing you've remembered it all and gotten it all done! Find the printable HERE.

Well, that about sums it up! What else is on your beach must haves list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Life's a beach! Enjoy it!


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