It's always a good time to get your 72 hour emergency kit packed and ready to go. Don't wait to be abruptly awakened by an earthquake—start prepping for an emergency now! Grab our printable 72 hour kit checklist below.

Get your 72 hour emergency kit packed and ready to go. Grab our printable 72 hour kit checklist to help you get started. Fun Cheap or Free

Last summer, one of our beautiful Utah mountains caught on fire and a nearby neighborhood had to evacuate last minute, they didn't even have time to pack a bag. Yikes! Those who had 72 hour kits had a toothbrush and change of clothes and other necessities. Others just had to jump in their cars and go. Definitely a scary situation!

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I imagine that those who had 72 hour kits were able to handle the situation with slightly less stress. Packing a 72 hour kit is a great way to teach the kids what it means to be prepared and gives us peace of mind should we ever be caught in an emergency situation. Check out what's in our 72 hour kits and see how we update them!

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Well there you have it! A little sneak peek into our real life updating 72 hour kits. Hope you enjoyed a little slice of our chaos! Here's a recap, plus a little more information for you—including a 72 hour kit checklist to help you get started!

First off! Don't forget to check out our Emergency Preparedness Q&A! It's chock full of amazing info to help inspire and motivate you to prep for the future.

Also, just remember, we're not experts on this subject! And we don't know your family's situation. There are tons of resources out there. Do your research and make sure you're prepared for your family!


Get a little sneak peek into our real life updating of our 72 hour kits. From Fun Cheap or Free

A 72 hour kit is a bag or backpack that will give you 3 days of supplies in case of emergency. The idea is to pack your kit with the essentials that will keep you healthy and safe until you can return home or find help. Your 72 hour kit is basically your grab and go bag!


We never want to think that an emergency will happen to us, but you really never know. If you have to quickly evacuate your home because of a fire, hurricane, earthquake or gas leak, you want to be able to grab some essentials and go! Hopefully you'll never need it. But making one now will allow you to rest easy knowing that you have it waiting there, just in case.


What to pack in a 72 hour kit from Fun Cheap or Free

As you're packing your kits, keep in mind that this pack is something you pack and then don't touch all year! It's for emergencies only. So don't include your favorite things.


Grab a single backpack for each child. Make sure it's something that your child could potentially carry, if necessary.


Make sure to include anything above that makes sense for teens and adults!


72 Hour Emergency Kit items! From Fun Cheap or Free

In addition to our 72 hour backpacks, we have a bin full of items that we could throw in our car if the need arose. It has other helpful items that are not necessarily essential for a 72 hour kit. Including…

We also keep 7 gallons of water right next to our 72 hour kits in the garage so that we can easily throw it all in the back of the trunk in an emergency and we're set to go!


Check out these tips for updating your 72 hour kits from Fun Cheap or Free

With growing kiddos, we need to update the bag at least once a year to make sure that the supplies we include will still benefit us! We can't use food that is expired or clothes that we've outgrown. So it's SUPER important to make sure that the kids bags are updated frequently.

Wow! That's a lot of info! But it's important to make sure we're prepared, ya know, just in case. We're definitely not doomsdayers, but we have seen many families around us who have had to make use of their 72 hour kits in an emergency, so we know that they can be helpful and provide a little peace of mind should something happen.


Here's a quick checklist you can print off to help you get started! But don't forget to do your research and make sure you have packed what your family needs in an emergency situation.

What would you include in your 72 hour kit?

Check out what's inside our 72 hour kits, plus grab a printable checklist to help you start making your own! It's never too early to start prepping! Fun Cheap or Free

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Let's go get prepared!

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