Raise your hands if you like sunburns! Crickets.
Yeah, thought so. Sunburns are just about as fun as a root canal.
Actually, I would prefer a root canal because at least they sedate you…
Let's call it like it is, sunburns SUCK (pardon my french). But, unfortunately, the odds are against us all in the summer. If you swim nearly as much as we do (which is 6 days a week on average), or if you live on planet Earth and step outside once in a while, you're bound to get one at some point.
But have no fear! I have a quick, cheap, easy, and effective sunburn treatment. Just use a little of this bad boy:
That's right folks, good ol household white vinegar! Rub some on your burned areas with a soft cloth or cotton ball, and voila, pain is eased. Sure, you might smell like pasta salad, but at least you'll feel better!
As I was writing this post, I was thinking of all the articles I've seen with clever uses for vinegar which got me thinking…
What if some crazy person spent way too much time compiling all the best lists of uses for vinegar?
Well guess what?
Call me crazy.
Thanks to the sources below, I've compiled the MOTHERLOAD list of 1,600+ uses for household, white, cheap-o vinegar!
Warnings about the list: NO, the content is not mine, and I'm not claiming it as mine!! NO, it's not very organized. [Hey, it took me like, 50,000 years to compile the list as-is; I'd be 72 before I was finished it if I organized it perfectly.] NO, I haven't tried all of these, but I have heard about many of them working…and since many are repeats across multiple lists, I figure they worked for someone, somewhere. BUT…try at your own risk!
That being said, I now introduce to you…
(click link above to read)
  1. 150+ uses for vinegar
  2. Yet ANOTHER 150+ uses for vinegar
  3. 50 uses for vinegar
  4. 1001 uses for vinegar
  5. 10 surprising uses for vinegar, and 101 MORE uses for vinegar
  6. Household uses for vinegar
  7. Medicinal uses for vinegar
  8. 131 Uses for vinegar
  9. The vinegar institute – uses and tips
  10. 216 mind-blowing ways to use vinegar
and my favorite title…

11. “8 uses for vinegar that a reasonable person would actually want to try”

So there you go! Between weed-killer, shower cleaner, litter-box deodorizer, and keeping your car windows frost-free, and making your nail polish last longer (whaaat??), vinegar is basically the cure-all for…well…everything.
Oh…and while you're in the mood, be sure to check out these other random home remedy tips and tricks. They're pretty nifty.

P.S…while avoiding sunburns, take a moment and remember to be PRESENT with your families at the pool this summer and avoid my deadly mistake.