A look inside my cell phone! iPhone hacks, favorite apps, secret texts + more!

iphone hacks, best apps, secret texts and more...so many good things!!

Hi. My name is Jordan, and I'm a phone addict. Hi Jordan. *Kind of joking, kind of not.*

This year I have been trying to find better balance with my phone. It's just so dang hard because it is my EVERYTHING! My journal, my brain, my doctor, my babysitter (not kidding here, watch the video to see how I use it as a nanny cam!). For this week's Live Q&A y'all asked to see inside our phones. Well, Freebs, YOU ASK, WE DELIVA! We are not only showing you our favorite apps that save time, money, and sanity, but also show you some of our favorite iPhone hacks, and a few other tricks that we keep up our sleeves. (And no, this post isn't sponsored!)

All the while, I'm working extra hard to continue to find balance between my phone and real life 😜. So watch all the tips we share in the video below, then keep scrolling to see a few ways that I'm working to UNPLUG more and find balance with that dang, beautiful, handheld pile of treasure.

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Alright already. Let's get to the goods!

Check out the video online or click and watch below:

Here are some products mentioned in the video:

  • I swear by my Popsocket! I have tried the rings and the loppy cases, but the Popsocket is the way to go!
  • Nano Mount (which I talked about in my Car Hacks post) is so useful in your car.

iphone hacks, best apps, secret texts and more...so many good things!!

Our Favorite Apps:

Additional favorites we failed to mention in the video…

  • Flipp app – amazing grocery app!
  • Ebates – I always shop through this app to get CASH BACK on purchases!
  • Shazam – I use this almost daily. When I hear a song playing that I love, I push SHAZAM and it tells me the song, artist, and where I can find the song.
  • BYUTV – I love BYUTV because all the programming is family-friendly. We usually stream the shows right from the app to watch on the go.
  • Costco app – I use it when I shop at Costco. Shows you the deals, sales, and rebates right on your phone!
  • Sing-Along app – If you are LDS, this is my favorite app to keep my kids occupied while playing primary songs. Works great if you work in the nursery on Sundays!
  • Uber – the only way I do transportation any more when I'm traveling!

iPhone hacks you need in your life:

  • Text Replacement – stop typing the same things every day! This saves your sanity.
  • Timer – all you need is 5, 10, or 15 minutes to power through SO MUCH. See my speed cleaning posts and videos for proof and tips!
  • Alarms – set an alarm for EVERYTHING! But don't set the alarm for when you need to BE somewhere, set it early. (I try to follow my “rule of 3's” [I'll post more about this later] and try to set an alarm for 30 minutes early, 3 days early, and 3 weeks early.
  • Quickly see photos and attachments from a text chain – click the “i” button in the top right hand corner of text messages and you can see all the images shared in that conversation. You're welcome.
  • See more of my favorite iPhone hacks in my iPhone hacks for moms post!

iphone hacks, best apps, secret texts and more...so many good things!!

So there you have it! Hopefully those are a few tips to make your phone more productive in your life. What are your favorite apps? There were SO MANY I missed in the video, so be sure to share yours below!

Now if you don't mind, I need to go lose myself for hours in a rip-roaring game of Sudoku…

…just kidding.

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  1. Hi guys. Thanks for all the info you share! Love your family! Here’s something that will change your life… better than popsock or whatever that thing on the back of your phone is. Try loopycase! http://www.loopycase.com
    It will change your life

  2. Awesome video! Check out the app “Things” it’s awesome to do list thing, One of my favorite features that you can make some reoccur every day, week, month, on certain dates, x number of days after the last time you do it.

  3. Loved this one! You all mentioned Audible. Have you heard of Overdrive? It’s an app/website for borrowing ebooks, audiobooks, some videos, and read along books for kids. It’s free through a lot of public libraries. It is amazing! I made a goal to read 52 books in 2017 and easily accomplished it, in large part by listening to audiobooks FOR FREE on Overdrive.

  4. Awesome video! Just wanted to share that I use my reminders app for food storage. I just put the expiration date far enough out to remind me that I need to start using up that item. It’s worked great for me. But then, I use the reminders app for everything, so…

  5. SANTA’s BAG!! My favorite app. It keeps track of recipients (my 6 kids, plus more) , the gifts you want to buy them, where to buy them, how much they cost, their budget, if it’s a stocking stuffer, if it’s an online order. You can Look up your list by store, by recipient, by gift. You can even check off the list if it is purchased, wrapped and given. Plus you can set a reminder of where you are hiding it (yes I’ve forgotten before). Can you tell I love this app! I use it year round! When I get an idea for a gift it goes on the list! Plus you can secure it with a passcode! Best app for list makers and gift givers.

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