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If any of you noticed, my site COMPLETELY bottomed out today. It crashed, and crashed hard. I could not figure out why…then I stumbled upon this:

UK feature

A huge feature in the UK DailyMail! The video and photos were taken back in the Summer (if you remember HERE and HERE) with no timeline or promise of if/when it would be featured. Then BAM! Site crashes, I look into why, and the world is seeming to find my random frugal tendencies quite interesting apparently.

…especially my cheapo makeup routine

frugal makeup tips and tricks!

The good news? I've upped the guts behind my site so hopefully it won't crash any more (here's to hoping, anyway!), and the article was well-written, with pretty darn accurate info (which is rare, and very appreciated!).

Thus, I apologize for the crash, but wanted to share the feature with y'all in case you were curious about what I look like on TV, 8 months pregnant.

WARNING:*guiltless teaser approaching*

As fun as that was…The most exciting part of all this comes in the form of incredible phone calls that are pouring in because of this feature. Can't wait to fill you in on those juicy details! Until then, check the article out HERE and have a fabulous day!