Welp, this explains the site crash (+ welcome, new friends!)

How a frugal living expert is living the high life BECAUSE of how she manages her money, not in SPITE of it. from FunCheapOrFree.com

First of all…WELCOME to anyone who is new to FunCheapOrFree! We have a lot of fun around here, I hope you stick around so we can become BFF's! To give you a quick tour, read more about my story and family HERE. Check out our BEGINNER'S GUIDE page to get a good idea of some of my best financial principles, and learn to become a Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen yourself. See our top 10 most popular posts of 2014 to see our latest favorites, and buckle your seatbelts…it's bound to be a wild ride around here! XOXO

If any of you noticed, my site COMPLETELY bottomed out today. It crashed, and crashed hard. I could not figure out why…then I stumbled upon this:

UK feature

A huge feature in the UK DailyMail! The video and photos were taken back in the Summer (if you remember HERE and HERE) with no timeline or promise of if/when it would be featured. Then BAM! Site crashes, I look into why, and the world is seeming to find my random frugal tendencies quite interesting apparently.

…especially my cheapo makeup routine

frugal makeup tips and tricks!

The good news? I've upped the guts behind my site so hopefully it won't crash any more (here's to hoping, anyway!), and the article was well-written, with pretty darn accurate info (which is rare, and very appreciated!).

Thus, I apologize for the crash, but wanted to share the feature with y'all in case you were curious about what I look like on TV, 8 months pregnant.

WARNING:*guiltless teaser approaching*

As fun as that was…The most exciting part of all this comes in the form of incredible phone calls that are pouring in because of this feature. Can't wait to fill you in on those juicy details! Until then, check the article out HERE and have a fabulous day!



  1. Hi Jordan! I love your blog it is really fun and has insightful. I just wanted to tell you that my favorite radio station just posted this link on Facebook. I’m so happy for you. I’m not a professional blogger, but I hope that if I ever decide to go past recreational blogging that we can keep in touch for a shout out or two. Any how here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/Mix947Austin Best wishes from Austin, Texas
    Maria J recently posted…2014 reviewMy Profile

  2. Can you please post the envelope system where we can customize it ourselves or post an updated one for 2015 please 🙂

  3. Ugh, just DON’T ready the comments. I’m sure you know that already. It bugs me so much how rude people can be when they can hide behind a computer and a screen name. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

    • GJ Thanks for watching my back! Haha yes, I learned a long time ago to NEVER read the comments. I like reading them on my own blog because everyone is super nice 🙂 haha. But you couldn’t pay me enough to even glance at others, especially in international features. Shudder.

  4. I’m so curious about the house situation. I can see why having family buy your basement would be such a great benefit for you, and it would be useful for them when they visit… but I am wondering if you could expound on how the deal works? I mean, what if they need to sell or something? What happens when it’s paid off? I’m having a hard time seeing how it works for them since it’s a part of a house instead of a house.

    Thanks sweetie!
    Aimee recently posted…Puppy makes an important decisionMy Profile

    • Yes! Such good questions! There’s no way I could possibly answer it in-depth in a comment, so I’ll do a video explaining our whole house story soon. But in a nutshell…we were looking for a house (we had outgrown our 2 bedroom town home). My parents, who live in Oregon but visit ALL THE TIME, were looking for a condo in Utah to buy A) for the tax benefits since their home is basically paid off and B) so they have somewhere to stay when they visit Utah (which is very frequently). They loved the thought of having a place of their own to leave clothes and things. As we were house shopping we found our house that has a complete basement apartment. My parents loved the thought of buying it as their vacation “condo”, and having us upstairs to watch after it (vs a condo that would sit empty 1/2 the year). We loved the idea because it splits our mortgage in half, and they are the best “renters” ever because they are family, and we love having them around when they are here! So it works out well. It was a great deal for everyone, and a great situation. When we sell the house we will have to buy my parents out, and they will make a good profit on their investment.

  5. That is sooooooooo cool! Congrats on all of your success. You and Bubba have worked really hard and it shows.

  6. Hey Jordan. How cool that you were featured.

    I saw the article has nearly 500 comments so I checked them out to see what the fuss was about. So much negative feedback. Don’t you feel you should address some of this to your readers?

    • Nah, you can’t pay me enough to read those comments! There are people who “troll” the internet, basically full-time, with the intent of leaving nasty comments and getting a fuss started. I’ve learned that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and people are much braver behind a screen. So I just can’t bring myself to waste any brain space reading so much negativity! I address any and all comments on my own site, though, because I feel people are here genuinely to learn and share their concerns and questions, not just bully people online 🙂

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