A free online summit for moms

Exciting news, there's this UH-MAY-ZING online FREE summit for moms (aka “The Mom Summit”…genius, right?) going from March 31 – April 7. Picture the most perfect conference for moms ever, then put it on steroids because it's all ONLINE so you can watch it in your PJ's after your kids have gone to bed. Oh, and did I mention that it's free?

There are 26 incredible speakers/teachers, and 30 classes + 6 videos available to watch and learn from. The subjects are anything from healthy living, to parenting, relationship-building, hair/makeup, and even finances and budgeting (by yours truly, wink wink). Here's how it works: 

Free online summit for moms!

Each day 4-5 presentations are free for a 24-hour period for the week of the event. If an attendee misses a day or wants to watch all 30 presentations and 6 videos at their own pace, he or she will need to purchase them to download.  We sale all 30 presentations and 6 videos as a package for $67 during the summit, $97 after. Even if you end up purchasing the summit, that's less than $2 per class! Pretty darn reasonable if you ask me.

So, join me! It sounds so amazing! See all the classes and info HERE.

“See” you there!