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That time I threw a Valentine’s Day party in like, 5 minutes

You know “when it rains, it pours?” Well, I’m in a bit of a monsoon season it seems, ha! I swear I’ll have weeks with nothing going on, then a time where everything lands on the same week and is no-showering-what-day-is-it-have-i-eaten-today-have-to-be-in-3-places-at-once B-U-S-Y. That was this week (if you don’t remember my breakdown and tears on Instagram…). Once

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10 Simple Ways to Show Love to Your Love

My go-to relationship guru is NOT Dr. Phil, believe it or not (though he’s pretty high up there). It’s Kirk Voss of Amber Creek Counseling. I met him a few years back and have been a huge fan ever since! Seeing as how this is “Love your Love” week for our Focus on Relationships month,

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