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3 Tips for Picking the Right Healthcare Plan

One of the questions I seem to get most this time of year falls along the lines of, “How do I know I am picking the right healthcare plan for my family?”. Healthcare can be expensive, especially if you don’t know what the different options are! Have no fear, Mama J has heard your call,

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How to Sell Brass for Cash! (Trash to treasure, baby!)

Happy Labor Day, Freebs! Our Spending Freeze Challenge officially began yesterday. Are you playing along? In keeping with our challenge theme of saving and getting creative, I wanted to let you in on a secret we recently discovered. Did you know you can sell brass for CASH?! TRUE! Nuts, bolts, screws, bullet shells, even zippers can

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The reality of our dreams.

Do you ever dream? Not like, “falling off a cliff jerk you awake standing in front of the class with no pants” dream. But a “someday, if money time and life weren’t an issue my perfect situation would look like this” dream. I do. And I want to share with you a bit about the

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The Spending Freeze Has BEGUN! #FocusOnFinances November Challenge

Is anyone else head first in this #FocusOnFinances November Challenge spending freeze week with me? It’s been so fun so far! It’s been a good challenge, and has been empowering to see all of us band together to do something great for our finances. As I mentioned, my goal is to save $500 this month

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7 Reasons Couponing Is a Waste of Time (+ 3 Things to Do Instead) – TheStir article!

As promised, my next article for is “7 Reasons Couponing Is a Colossal Waste of Time (And 3 Things to Do Instead)“. It went live today, so be sure to check it out! My next article is about things you should be buying second-hand, that you probably aren’t. Brace yourself, there are some doozies in

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Is 10 for $10 really a better deal? – Q&A Monday

Happy MONDAY! I got a great question from a reader recently that I was excited to answer for Q&A Monday (got a question for me? Drop it in the Q&A box). Are those 10 for $10 deals that you see at the grocery store really a better deal? Here’s what I have to say about

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Free printable to help your kids save money

Enjoy this guest post from Lindsay, our Child Learning contributor from One Beautiful Home. Take it away, Linds! Hey Everyone! I am back today to share with you a new printable that will help your kids save money and learn how to budget and save up for specific purchases – AND save your wallet from

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