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A day in the Life at the Page Household!

We put a call out on Facebook to know what kinds of posts you wanted to see. An overwhelming request was for a Day in the Life video! I dabbled in mini vlogs for a few months now, but thought it was time to answer your request and give you a real deal, full-blown look

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My new Daily Vlog! (Well, InstaVlog, that is…)

If you ever wondered what everyday life is like with 5 kids while updating a home  (#ThePageProject), running a few businesses, and keeping up with life in general… your dreams have officially come true! I have always wanted to do a Vlog (and since I get almost daily requests for one it sounds like some

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DIY Quatrefoil Wall Stencil Tutorial…waaay easier than it looks.

So…you know how I’m majorly nesting because baby girl is coming in 3 weeks or less? But you know how I am NOT much of a DIY gal and tend to break out in hives and have to breathe into a paper bag when I walk into a craft store? Thus, I’ve been focusing a lot on

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