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My Everyday Makeup Tutorial and Closet Tour! #AskMeMonday

Last post of the day, I promise! Wanted to pop in quickly and fill you in on some videos and tutorials you might’ve missed out on. Have you been following my #AskMeMonday series on Periscope? No? Have no fear, for those who have missed it (or for those who prefer not to use Periscope), I uploaded

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Home for Sale! Time for the Next Page Family Adventure…

The rumors are true…we are moving! (And by rumors I mean I’ve mentioned it tons of times already and you are probably sick of hearing about it.) I’ve tried to keep up with questions on social media about why we are selling our home in Draper, UT and why in the world we are moving…but they

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Christmas At The Pages: Official Christmas Wrap-Up [Mega-Post]

…and POOF! Christmas is over. Did that fly by for anyone else?? Even though we decorated early and tried to squeeze every second out of the Christmas season, it still flew by. It’s been forever and a day since I’ve done a wrap-up post, so I thought I’d start by wrapping up our Christmas week with

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