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Debt Free: Leslie pays off $29,474 in 14 mo, on $55K income! [Freebs Success Story]

Here’s her story: I have the most incredible debt free Freebs Success Story for you today! Just in time for the Holidays, to remind us that you can do amazing things. Leslie emailed me, explaining that she and her husband paid off $29,474.18 in 14 months $55,000/year income! Can you believe it?!? I can. I

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The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done (and the Real Reason I Did It) – PART 1

Many of you followed along on Instagram and Facebook as I explained that I decided to jump into the Mrs. Utah United States pageant last month, just 9 days before the pageant! It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m so glad I did! To answer all your questions I decided to do

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Nothing Negative Challenge – let “Man in the Mirror” week begin!

Oh my word, can you believe it’s the LAST WEEK of February already? I normally would be hyperventilating that time is moving so quickly, but I’m actually getting reeeeeally excited for Focus on Fitness Month so it’s making it ok. To end Focus on Relationships month with a bang, this is “Man in the Mirror”week.

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