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Cleaning Hack: Disinfect Toys in your DISHWASHER! [Winter Sickness Buster]

Who needs a winter sickness buster CLEANING HACK in their house to disinfect toys?? Winters can be rough. One kid gets sick, and it’s like fire on a prairie; it just spreads and won’t stop!! Though winter is ending and spring approaching, that doesn’t mean the sickness-spreading will stop! Spring colds and sickness are all too

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How to catch fruit flies: 2 ingredient death cocktail…muahaha

I’m headed to the airport soon to pick my handsome hubby who is in town for few days! Woo hoo! So I can’t chat long. BUT…my kitchen was SWARMING with fruit flies today. I. HATE. FRUITFLIES. Is there any other creation on this earth nearly so annoying?? Luckily, I know how to catch fruit flies…with just 2 ingredients.

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