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Kitchen Renovation Details! Everything you want to know about our new kitchen.

Alright, alright, alright, it’s been long enough. You have asked and waited oh-so-patiently, so now it’s time to share all the details about our massive kitchen renovation! I shared the progress for months on Instagram, but I promised to give you the FULL low-down dish on everything. However…I still hesitated in writing this post. Truth

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Boys Room Tour!

Hi guys I’m Alisha, Operations Director here at FCF. Jordan is currently on vacation without wifi so she asked me to share this with you. She recently filmed a tour of her Boys’ room and shared it on the Millennial Moms Youtube channel. I don’t have kids myself but LOVE to see any room tour

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Home for Sale! Time for the Next Page Family Adventure…

The rumors are true…we are moving! (And by rumors I mean I’ve mentioned it tons of times already and you are probably sick of hearing about it.) I’ve tried to keep up with questions on social media about why we are selling our home in Draper, UT and why in the world we are moving…but they

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11% off my favorite stuff at Eleventh Avenue!

Today I’m helping celebrate something really exciting! Remember how I (sorta) showed you a cute new hoodie I got from Groopdealz on Instagram that you all went nuts over? I guess the secret is out. Groopdealz is one of my favorite little (used to be) secrets. They have a TON of cute stuff for great prices.  WELL…

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DIY Quatrefoil Wall Stencil Tutorial…waaay easier than it looks.

So…you know how I’m majorly nesting because baby girl is coming in 3 weeks or less? But you know how I am NOT much of a DIY gal and tend to break out in hives and have to breathe into a paper bag when I walk into a craft store? Thus, I’ve been focusing a lot on

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Kitchen wall stencil magic! (…a project even I can do.)

With 7 weeks to go until Baby girl comes, I’ve been nesting with a capital N. As mentioned in my “4 Affordable home decor tricks that make a HUGE impact” post, I’ve been focusing on affordable, simple ways to make my home feel more complete. One room that’s been a real pain my my you-know-what is

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4 Affordable home decor tricks that make a HUGE impact

As I mentioned in my Girl Talk sesh, I’ve been nesting lately. To keep myself busy while Bubba is gone and to give our home a fresh new feel, I’ve been working on affordable ways to decorate and make a big impact…which is not easy for someone who is A) cheap, and B) design challenged.

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5 tips for decorating your home (and not being afraid of it!)

Decorating and furnishing a home can be one of your largest expenses…like, ever. Trust me, I know…that’s why my 5,200 sq foot (short sale fabulous deal) of a home is virtually empty. I’m afraid to do the wrong thing, and waste my money! I’m tired of the fear so I’ve enlisted the help of our

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DIY Easy bathroom moulding for towel hooks

Since it’s Focus on Organization month, I’m trying to find things that I can do around my house to make organizing just plain EASIER and more effortless using sites like Homeclick Community for ideas. Our bathrooms are always a mess, so I enlisted the help of our DIY and Crafting Contributor, Heidi from Honeybear Lane, to

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DIY Pottery Barn Wall Art Knockoff!

Hi all, I’m Melissa from Two It Yourself and I’m thrilled to be guest posting on Free Cheap or Fun today! If you follow me at all on 2IY, you may have noticed that I like to knockoff of Pottery Barn from time to time all the time. I love Pottery Barn’s new Lattice Panel Wall

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Starch + Fabric = (Removable) Faux Wallpaper!

Ok guys, seriously. Do you ever see something and go “oh my holy no way what the really whaaaa?” Yup. Had one of those recently. I saw the gorgeous wall pictured above, and thought “wow, that is the coolest wallpaper. Too bad wallpaper is pretty much permanent, and a huge pain to work with, and

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