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DIY Little Mermaid Costume! Cutest Family Halloween Costumes. EVER.

I know Halloween is only a few days away, but I promised to show you our Page Family Costume from last year, which happens to be my favorite group costume of all time…our DIY Little Mermaid costume! These were not only some of the easiest costumes we put together, but definitely got the most reactions out of people.

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DIY Frozen Costume: No-Sew Halloween Costumes for the whole family!

If you’ve been a Freeb for a while, you know that every year we do family-themed halloween costumes. I just realized that I failed to blog about our costumes from the last few years! Better late than never, eh? First up, our DIY Frozen Costumes. These were SO EASY because they were no-sew, and took

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