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How I curl my hair! (+Video!)

I recently did a video on how I do my makeup, and since then, you Freebs have been dying to know how I curl my HAIR! Have no fear, Mama J heard you and today I’m sharing a quick video showing you exactly how I do my hair every morning, in 10 minutes or less,

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11 Best Beauty Hacks you NEED in your Life!

As a busy mom (and a die-hard frugalista) I’m a huge believer in hacks…especially BEAUTY HACKS. There are so many ways to look and feel great, without spending much (if anything!) at all. Today is Wednesday, which means it’s my day to do a video on Millennial Moms, the new YouTube channel I’m part of.

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How to Cut Boys Hair at Home! (in under 15 minutes!!)

Recently on Instagram I mentioned how I cut my boys hair at home which saves a ton of money. I asked if you wanted a tutorial and you answered with a resounding HOLY-COW-YES! Have no fear, my “How to Cut Boys Hair” tutorial is officially here!! (Aren’t you proud I actually followed through when I said

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The Scariest Thing I’ve Ever Done (and the Freebs Glam Squad that Made It Happen!) – PART 2

Many of you followed along on Instagram and Facebook as I explained that I decided to jump into the Mrs. Utah United States pageant last month, just 9 days before the pageant! It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I’m so glad I did! To answer all your questions I decided to do this 2-part post series

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Handy Hair Bag (never have raggedy-looking kids again!)

I believe in getting myself and my kids “ready” for the day, every day. My mom was a great example of this to me. Even if it was 4pm and she had been out weeding all day, she would shower, do her hair, and get ready – even if she had no plans to leave

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5 Minute Updo Hair Tutorial! + Red Carpet Look, On A Dime

Recently I was invited to a red carpet blogger event at Toscana, a gorgeous restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City. It was SO FUN to be able to feel fancy, get a mini ride in a limo (and feel like I was on The Bachelor), eat good food, make new friends, and get all dolled up!

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How to use HOT ROLLERS! (…and actually make it look good!) Q&A Monday

For Focus on Change Month this month, one of the 3o Days of Positive Change challenges is to try something new with your hair. In honor of this challenge, I decided to dust off my old, unused and sadly neglected hot rollers and give them the ol’ college try. YOWSA! The result was way better than

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Easy twisted side-braid, my “You can’t tell I didn’t shower today” hair

I have a confession to make…I don’t always shower every day. Gross, maybe, but it’s true. (Hey, I have 3 kids and my oldest just turned 4. I’m lucky if I get to eat in a day, let alone shower!) Though I’m mediocre in the showering department, I am pro at putting on a presentable

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Saving Money on Hair Care + hair tricks and tips

Today’s tip(s) are given by Lauralee from Hair Tips and Tricks. She’s going to teach us all about saving money on hair care…and you might be surprised at what you learn! Enjoy 🙂 Source As a cosmetologist I have had friends and clients ask me how to save money on hair care without sacrificing quality. So

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