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7 Reasons Couponing Is a Waste of Time (+ 3 Things to Do Instead) – TheStir article!

As promised, my next article for is “7 Reasons Couponing Is a Colossal Waste of Time (And 3 Things to Do Instead)“. It went live today, so be sure to check it out! My next article is about things you should be buying second-hand, that you probably aren’t. Brace yourself, there are some doozies in

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What to buy from Costco that will actually save you money

 photo credit Oh, the mysteries of Costco…the $200 store as many people call it. Does it save you money? Are the deals as good as they seem? Is it worth having a membership? How do you shop there and not lose your entire paycheck? All great questions. I consider myself to be a bit of

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Mineral makeup, paid surveys, coupons & more! Frugal Find Friday

As I explained in my last post, I’m going to take Friday to post fabulous steals, deals, finds, and coupons that you should be taking advantage of! Here’s our first round: 1. 10% off my favorite makeup I discovered NS Minerals at the Pinners Conf back in November. They did my makeup at their booth

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4 Simple tricks for keeping your purse organized

  Dear purse…slash diaper bag…slash lunch box…slash candy stash…slash bottomless pit of crumbs, melted fruit snacks, and I-don’t-even-want-to-know-what-you-are’s… Look, you’re a nice person. And there’s no denying how good looking you are. I’m sure you have a sweet spirit and you will make someone very happy someday. But your magnetism to messes? Really? It’s got

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