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My Baby Must-Haves! Favorite diaper bags, bottles, gadgets + more.

It’s finally here! My “Baby Must-Haves” list you have all been begging for! Sure, Baby McEwan might be 4 months old by now…but better late than never, right? Today I’m sharing my ultimate baby must-have items. We cover everything from my favorite diaper bags (hint: I’m SUUUUPER picky!), favorite bottles and pacifiers, baby PJ’s, sleeping items,

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Welcome to the world, McEwan! Baby #6 Birth Story

And just like that…Page, party of EIGHT. McEwan Fisher Page joined our family at 5:44pm weighing 7lb 11oz, 19.5” long. Other than the epidural tube detaching an hour or two before delivery without anyone knowing (…delivering him pretty much without medication…YIKES…) it was a dream. He’s a dream. As promised, here are the details about

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My favorite baby must-haves! (+ tips for choosing a stroller) + $100 Giveaway!

Hey Freebs! Holy smokes, there’s lots of Buzz going around my new Disneyland E-Book that I just launched the other day. I thought I’d take a quick Disneyland break and focus on all things BABY for a minute! That’s right, today I’m finally getting around to sharing my favorite baby must-haves with you. When baby Mory

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How to get your baby to sleep + sleep gadgets that WORK!

I often get asked how I get my baby to sleep, all 5 of my babies for that matter, especially for naps! (Yes, all 5 of my kids nap at the same time almost every day. It’s fine, call me the Nap Nazi, I don’t mind.) I’ll be honest, it took some practice. My oldest

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My Favorite Baby Products and Gadgets!

I recently did a post on my must-have baby essentials; the things I keep stocked in every room when we are in baby-mode. Many of you asked for more info on what my favorite baby products and gadgets are for baby Mory, so I figured…well…if you aren’t sick of baby talk yet, neither am I! So

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What’s in my Hospital Bag??

I’m sorry if you’re on baby overload, this is the last baby post I’ll do for a while! But SO MANY OF YOU have been asking what’s in my hospital bag, what I packed for the hospital, and what my newborn favorites are…I thought I’d do a video to punch them all out at once!

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My Must-Have Baby Essentials (…my excuse to plaster Mory’s face on the web…)

Gah, that face! Bringing baby Mory home last month was the highlight of our year. We love her to pieces! (…so do the other kids. Literally. Pieces. As in, “be soft so you don’t break her into pieces“, pieces…) Many of you have asked what my favorite, must-have baby essentials are. I’ve hesitated even saying, because I’m not

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Baby Mory’s Birth Story VIDEO! (…minus the gross stuff, I promise…)

You all know by now that I’ve dropped off the planet a bit because I just had a baby. What you might not know is I was so excited to share in the beautiful (birth) day with all of you, I’ve spent way too much time and several late nights making a video of Baby Mory’s Birth

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Baby Girl is HERE! Meet Baby Mory :)

Wow, did you think I died? Sorry for all the surface-level posts lately. Have no fear, I’m not dead…I just gave birth is all! That’s right folks, whether you’ve been waiting in anticipation…or whether you never even had any idea I was pregnant…(where have you been the last 9 months, people??) Page Baby Number 5,

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My Thrifting Haul!! + thrift store shopping tips

iiiiiiit’s WEDNESDAY! You know what day that is…time for a new video! This week on Millennial Moms (the new YouTube channel I’m a part of) I’m sharing my recent thrifting HAUL. I scored some of the best deals of my LIFE! See what I got, how I got such a good deal, and some of my

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