Easy, beautiful next necklaces…perfect Mother’s Day gift!

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As I mentioned in my LAST POST, I hosted a craft party recently.
MAN, was it fun.
One of the absolute hits of the party was this super easy and gorgeous:
Nest Necklace
 These are perfect Mother's Day and/or Easter gifts, BTW!
One of my friends at the party found it on Pinterest, tried it, and we couldn't believe how easy they were!

The original pin she found was from HERE.

I couldn't believe how quick and easy this project is. It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so while my kids were playing on the deck I sat in a chair and did the project in less than 10 minutes (and it was my first time trying it!).

Here's how you do it:
Get some 24 gauge wire from a craft store. I bought mine at Joann Fabrics because they take competitor coupons. You can use thicker wire for a “heftier” look, but the 24 gauge is easier to work with in my opinion.

Pick up some pretty beads from the jewelry section; different shapes and colors are awesome.

I made two different necklaces for my mom's birthday – one with 3 beads (she has 3 kids) and one with two (she has 2 grandkids right now). Here's the one with two beads:
Thread the beads and tie off the end somehow. It doesn't really matter how, just as long as the beads are secure. Here's how I did it,
 and here's another option.
Start twisting! I used my fingers as guides, but it really doesn't matter because A) wire is easy to bend into any shape you want and B) nests aren't perfect in real life, so the “messier”, the prettier in my opinion!
Once you have it to the thickness you want the nest to be, cut the wire from the spool. Then wrap it around the sides of the nest, to hold all the next-loops together like so:
Do as many of those as you'd like. I did three, but 4 looks really cool too.
I decided to string my wire across the back of the necklace randomly, to give it more of a nest-y look.
Lastly, twist off the last little bit of your wire so you can attach it to a chain. And that's it! So easy!
It's awesome that each one turns out so unique and different. This shows the difference in thickness of wire:
 Try all sorts of different bead colors and shapes.
 I used copper wire for one and silver wire for the other. I can't decide which one I like better!
The neat thing is that it'd be easy to add more beads to an existing necklace. My mom only has 2 grandkids now (my kids) but once we have baby #3, I'll simply add another bead.
Love projects like that.
These are perfect mother's day gifts!
So there you have it. Enjoy 🙂


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