My SAVINGS-filled trip to Costco!

I just got back from Costco, one of mine and my son's favorite places on earth. Better than Disneyland.

Ok, that's a big fat lie. But Costco is still pretty amazing.

Remember how much it can save you to buy bulk? Really take advantage when you can! (P.S…my friend just told me that Target now has a bulk foods section and you can get two big boxes of cereal for $3 something! Great deal!)

Here are a few great deals I snagged while at Costco today:

  • My son and I shared one of their foot-long (uber delicious) hotdogs + drink (with free refills!) for only $1.50. Cheapest lunch on the planet, I'm pretty sure.
  • We took advantage of all the free samples, of course. Today they had spaghetti. My son was in H-E-A-V-E-N.
  • We hit up the dairy section to get whole milk for my son. Why Costco? Because you get a box of 2 gallons for $3.96. NOT BAD.
  • We grabbed a pepperoni take-n-bake Costco pizza. My family LOVES Costco pizza (because you have have as many toppings as you want and it's STILL only $9.99…plus they are huge…) and the take-n-bake ones are great too. This month they are $3 off so it's only $6.99 for a pepperoni! (No coupon needed.) I bought one to cook and one to stick in my freezer for a quick meal in the future.
  • This last deal is THE BIG KAHUNA. By the meat section they were sampling deli turkey. I took a sample and told the lady, “Oh I love this stuff, I just bought a pack on Friday”. Then I looked at the sign and the price said $2. 

Two dollars?? I just paid $7.99 for it on Friday! It's a two-pack so I said,
“So it's $2 for just one?”
She said the most beautiful words…

“Nope, it's $2 for the whole pack.”
What?? I just paid $8 for the EXACT SAME THING 5 days ago! She said the date on the package was coming up in a few days so they had to sell them quick, today is the only day they are on sale before they throw them out.
Needless to say I grabbed 14 of them.
So basically I got 28lbs of quality turkey for, that's right, $28. Do the math. That's $1 per lb. That's AH-MAYZ-ING. Luckily I have a big freezer with space. Even though the meat “sell by” date is coming up in 2 days I'll just freeze it, and it's good as new once it thaws out!

One other perk:
I know some people are ANTI – credit card people. I, however, am very PRO credit cards. If you use them responsibly and only buy what you can afford to pay off, they have GREAT perks. 
I have the Costco Amex card. I get cash back from Amex 1x each year, and I also get cash from Costco 1x per year. They are separate rewards.

I got my rewards this month, and it was $136.08 to spend at Costco! For doing nothing but using my credit card for groceries that I would buy anyway! 
My total bill was $49.61(I bought other things not mentioned here)
I used my $136 Costco rewards money
I had $86.47 leftover
They don't let you only use part of your rewards cash, so they gave me REAL CASH for the rest! So I walked out of Costco with a (basically) FREE cart of groceries, and $86 dollars in my wallet that I didn't have when I got there.

God bless Costco.

Happy savings to you, hope your savings day is as good as mine has been so far! 🙂


  1. Avatarperilsea says

    That is a pretty amazing day, for sure! Do you just use your Amex at Costco, or do you buy other things with it as well? Do you spend quite a bit per year at Costco? I’m just curious to know if it’s really worth signing up for another card, just for Costco.. and if we would make enough in rewards to make it worthwhile. We use our Visa for everything so we get the 1 point per $1 rewards, but obviously Costco only takes AmEx or debit.

  2. AvatarKismet says

    Did ÿou know you don't have to spend ANY of that check at Costco? Just go to the membership desk and cash it! My husband s an employee there.
    Love your site and I know this is an old post so I hope you get a notification but I just found you!

  3. AvatarSuzanne says

    Thanks for the great tips, as always! One of my sisters goes to Sam's Club (I don't think she has Costco nearby) and buys the huge hams or turkeys when they are on sale. She takes it to the butcher and he slices it deli thin for her. Then she goes home and freezes it in small bags. Much cheaper than buying the pre-packaged lunchmeat (when you can't find a sale).

  4. AvatarEileen says

    Hello! I do most of my shopping at aldi, which is a lot cheaper than the other stores, even Walmart. Have you been to aldi? I’m curious if you think Costco has better prices than aldi when buying in bulk. Thanks!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      We don’t have Aldi here in Utah, but I’ve heard it’s fabulous so just shop wherever it saves you money!

  5. AvatarPat says

    we have aldi .i shop there,been a faithful customer for five years. I am new to Costco. I purchased hearing aids today Costco prices were half that I paid 4years ago at a physicians office. Warranty is twice as long as last one. Service great.
    I think aldis prices are slightly better. Especially when bulk doesn’t matter. However, Costco offers other products such as tires, eye glasses,clothing,etc.
    for a family. Of one,you can’t beet aldi. Larger families, Costco might pay off.

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