Master Your Year: A 60-Minute Masterclass To Overcome Overwhelm

Jan 15, 2024 | Budgeting, Budgeting Tips, Meal Planning Tips, Motivation, Productivity, Video, YouTube

Jordan Page hosted a LIVE free masterclass to kick off January 2024! The principles in the 60-minute class are timeless, and apply for any time of year! “Master Your Year” teaches 6 Simple Things You Can Do – TODAY – To Overhaul Your Budget, Productivity and Meal Planning. Watch the replay below!

We've been hearing a lot from the Freebs community (that's you!) that things are particularly overwhelming right now. We get it. Keeping up with the to-do list, managing the schedules, trying to stick to a budget in this economy, and figuring out what's for dinner again can be a lot to juggle.

When we asked ourselves how we can help, we knew that if we could just get across some of our most useful and basic principles to streamline your budget and productivity, we could make a HUGE impact in your overall sense of overwhelm. Overcoming the stress of life is the first step to feeling more calm, centered, and able to enjoy yourself more in 2024!

Jordan has put together 2 of her very best action steps in each of these categories: budgeting, productivity, and meal planning. These are things that you can start doing TODAY. And if you stick with them, you will notice a better sense of control over your budget and your time. She covers each of them in the 60-minute video below!

There are also some slides and graphics on the screen throughout the presentation, but if you are short on time and need to multitask then you can totally just pop in your headphones and listen along while you get some things done around the house or run some errands!

What did you think? Which steps are you most excited to start implementing?!

Remember, this was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the free resources that we have available to you! If you're still craving more guidance, here are some more great places to start:

  • Productivity & Budgeting: Hundreds of blog posts with tips, ideas and free printables here on Just search for any topic you are interested, such as “paying off debt,” “free activities,” or “routines”!
  • Meal Planning: Hundreds more blog posts with recipes and kitchen hacks on When it comes to meal planning, recipes, finding creative ways to use what you have, tips for freezing and repurposing leftovers, organization ideas for small spaces and saving money while grocery shopping – we cover it alllllllll in our blog posts over on
  • More videos from Jordan: subscribe to the YouTube channel here! We upload new videos weekly!

And if you're looking for even MORE expert advice and guided principles, we offer Budget Boot Camp and Productivity Boot Camp. Both are digital courses with over 25 videos each, templates and printables, designed to be FUN and interactive! And of course we also have fabulously cute planners available at Code FCFBlog will get you 10% off 😉

Let's master this year together!

Jordan Page snapping her fingers, from Fun Cheap or Free

As mentioned in the masterclass video, we put together a printable bundle for you as a thank you for watching! It can help get you started breaking in your new habits when it comes to budgeting, productivity and meal planning. The link below will allow you to download the PDF file with Block Schedule templates, kitchen inventory trackers, and a snowball debt tracker! Print and enjoy!


We hope you walked away from this masterclass feeling lighter and ready to tackle the overwhelm in your life! Remember, we are doing this together! Small steps daily will add up to big results so don't forget to give yourself grace and lots of credit for all of the small wins throughout your day!

Thanks for being here, Freebs! We love you & YOU GOT THIS!




  1. Rebekah Horesh

    Thank you! So grateful for your program and videos!

  2. Deb Johnson

    Thank you for all you do. We/I appreciate it!
    Thank you for the printables too.


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