How much to spend on kids! | Allowance, clothes, college, etc | Q&A Tuesday

My family and I have been enjoying one last hurrah in Nevada, soaking up as much summer sun as possible. Don't worry, a vlog of the trip is coming someday! I wanted to pop in quickly and share with you my YouTube video this week (I post new videos every Thursday if my carrier pigeon missed your house). Bubba and I sat down to answer all your questions about KIDS, and how much to sped on them! We have loads of fun in the video, but we also hit it hard!

We not only talk about how we were raised and how we got spending money growing up, but talk about how much we pay our kids, are thoughts on allowance, how much we spend on clothes, setting money aside for college and church missions, and more. It. Is. GOOD.

Watch the video online or click and watch below then keep reading for more helpful tips and links:

So what that's our take, what are your thoughts? Were you raised the same way?

As mentioned in the video, here are helpful links mentioned in this video:

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There you go! Hope that helps! I'm curious, what are your thoughts on allowance and spending?


  1. AvatarAraceli says

    Where can I get a template for the list of chores? I love your ideas. I sat my husband and had him watch your video so we can come up with so.ething for my 6 year old. I grew up with an allowance but I also had a list of chores to do to earn my allowance weekly, as I got into high school my mom gave me an allowance for food and fun in all and i had to budget myself. Love your videos, thanks for all the info.

  2. AvatarSandy says

    I think your reward system is great along with kids partipating in the family life. (Aka jobs/chores). Here is my question on jobs how much do you help them do the jobs. My 4 year old wants me around to tell her how the whole time. Honestly it is wearing me out.

  3. AvatarBecky says

    What type of divided saving bank did you get for your kids? I searched on Amazon, but didn’t really find anything I liked. Would love to know what you use.

  4. AvatarTracy says

    What do you do for extra curriculars for your children? My kids want to do so much and I do want them to be involved in things, but those monthly fee’s hurt. Do you do one per child (like one can do dance or soccer but not two) or do you let them do two or more?

  5. AvatarMrs. Finley says

    Quick question, What is the best percentage to tip services?
    I live in rural small town America. I tip 10% to salon and restaurants. When I go to the big city; suddenly it’s frowned upon to split one meal or not order from kids menu and fury be leashed on you if you don’t tip at least 20%! What?!?! We never eat fast food and love the mom&pop restaurants. But now I’m at a lost what is right. Help!

  6. AvatarAngFranc says

    love these tips! as our kiddos change phases & grow, so do our systems & we lose consistency – we’re working on it!

  7. AvatarMarcie says

    Great ideas on how to help purchase items for your children. I love the idea that you use with having extra chores… I am also a firm believer you just can’t hand your children of everything they want. They need to know the value of a dollar and that things have to be earned in life!

  8. AvatarJocelyn Delgado says

    Love any great ideas for kids. I know you’re not there yet, but teenagers and making them responsible adults. Urgh!! It’s a hard one.

  9. AvatarMichelle says

    I give my kids an allowance to help them learn about tithing, saving, and spending. When they get a job, I figure they don’t need an allowance anymore ?.

  10. AvatarDiana Burk says

    I love these ideas! I have been using your rule if thimb for allowance for my 6 and 4 year old. My 6 year old recently bought her own bike, after saving her allowance for 6 months. Such a great teaching tool!

  11. AvatarSydney says

    Such great information! Hoping to get our finances together in order to be able to afford more for my children as they get older. We are just now starting ‘college funds’ ages 1&2.

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