My family and I have been enjoying one last hurrah in Nevada, soaking up as much summer sun as possible. Don't worry, a vlog of the trip is coming someday! I wanted to pop in quickly and share with you my YouTube video this week (I post new videos every Thursday if my carrier pigeon missed your house). Bubba and I sat down to answer all your questions about KIDS, and how much to sped on them! We have loads of fun in the video, but we also hit it hard!

We not only talk about how we were raised and how we got spending money growing up, but talk about how much we pay our kids, are thoughts on allowance, how much we spend on clothes, setting money aside for college and church missions, and more. It. Is. GOOD.

Watch the video online or click and watch below then keep reading for more helpful tips and links:

So what that's our take, what are your thoughts? Were you raised the same way?

As mentioned in the video, here are helpful links mentioned in this video:

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There you go! Hope that helps! I'm curious, what are your thoughts on allowance and spending?

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