New Year Time Capsule (1)

Happy Holidays, everyone! It's Mel and Steff here from Find it, Make it, Love it. We are thrilled to stop by FCF and share a fun tradition we have for the New Year! As we all know, kids grow up fast. It's so fun to document some of the little things they like and do from year to year, so we started a very simple tradition…a New Year Time Capsule!

Each year we fill the capsule with pictures from the year, as well as a questionnaire that each child fills out (free printable below!). Then we have a New Year's Eve party with all the cousins and have fun looking at the previous years' sheets and pictures. We can't wait to share how cheap and easy it is to start this tradition in your own family!

Here's what you need to make your own Time Capsule:

Here's how you do it:

  • Cut the box to resemble a chest:

New Year Time Capsule (10) New Year Time Capsule (9)

Then cut off the extra flaps.New Year Time Capsule (8)

New Year Time Capsule (7)We wrapped our box just like a present…….

New Year Time Capsule (5)

Then we cut pieces to fill in spots that weren't covered. We highly recommend a forgiving pattern like this one for covering the box! We can hardly see where the lines overlap.

New Year Time Capsule (4)

  • Use the box cutter to cut through the Contact paper where the box lid opens.

New Year Time Capsule (3)

  • Finally, use matching Duck tape over all the edges for a nice finished look. Wrap a belt around the chest for a buckle!

New Year Time Capsule (13) New Year Time Capsule (12) New Year Time Capsule (2) New Year Time Capsule (14) New Year Time Capsule (11)Are you in?! So easy and such a fun way to remember the sweet little things about kids as they grow older.

Click HERE to get your free New Years Eve time capsule question sheet.

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Thanks as always ladies!!