Crib Spring Picture Frame DIY! (the ultimate up-cycle)

Mar 13, 2015 | DIY, Home Decor, Lifestyle, Reuse

Crib Spring Frame, picture display (6)

While I'm in Ireland, I asked my besties from Find it Make it Love it to share another ADORABLE and clever DIY project with you! This one is basically mind-blowing. Just goes to show what some simple creativity can do to repurpose something old into something fabulously unique! Let's see how they turned this old crib spring into a darling frame. Take it away, girls!

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Do you get the itch to change things up as Spring approaches? Re-arrange, re-organize, and re-decorate? We sure do! One of our favorite ways to save on decorating is to simply re-purpose. When my youngest grew out of the crib, we found a new way to use the pieces; and this one has become one of my favorite decorations ever! A crib spring frame. It is exactly how it sounds. We literally hung the crib spring on the wall to use as a huge picture frame. Easy, cheap, and super cute!

Here's how to do this in your home:

Find studs in the wall or use wall anchors and screws to hang the crib spring. We hung it by using the existing hardware on the spring. Put screws in all four corners.

Crib Spring Frame, picture display (5)

Curtain clips work perfectly for holding pictures. We found these at IKEA. crib spring frame

Our crib spring displays pictures, quotes, and even some kids art that is totally “osum!” (awesome:). Crib Spring Frame, picture display (4)

This cheery display hangs on the wall by our stairs, so we see it every day, all throughout the day and we love it!

Crib Spring Frame, picture display (3)Crib Spring Frame, picture display (2)Crib Spring Frame, picture display (1)

Of all the decorations and projects in my home, this crib spring frame probably gets commented on the most. I love how easy it is to switch out the pictures and quotes, and how unique it looks on the wall. I also love that it's from the crib that all four of my babies used. 🙂 Best of all- it was practically FREE! So when the itch to re-arrange, re-organize, and re-decorate hits, don't forget to browse around (or ask around) for items to re-purpose:).

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Thanks so much for having us Jordan!



  1. David Hawkins

    This looks like a really fun way to hang your pictures. The only problem for is that I don’t own this kind of bed and making it myself would be very difficult. I will have to hunt around and see if I can purchase one that will work for my pictures and frames. Thanks for the fun DIY framing project!

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Yes, keep your eyes peeled at yard sales!

  2. Megan Peters

    This is a lovely idea. I like the way you repurpose a crib 🙂 I’m still in the getting her to sleep alone stage ha ha ha


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