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How to make mascara last 2x longer!

Here’s a simple trick for how to make mascara last 2x longer! But first, some rambling. Why? Because I’ve been sick, I miss you, and I think the DayQuil has gone to my head. So humor me, will ya? My eyes are huge. I know this, not only because I have sight and live in…

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How to avoid workout burnout.

As I mentioned yesterday with my big weight loss reveal, I have workout ADD. I get bored reeeeeeeally fast. I’ll get excited about and start an exercise trend, do it every day, get tired of it, then completely fall off the wagon. Sit around doing nothing, then a few months later, repeat. When I finally…

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How I lost 100 pounds in 11 months

Dress | Shoes To kick off the first week of Focus on Fitness month, please enjoy this guest post from my dear friend and inspiring blogger, Diana from Livy Loves to Run! Hi! I’m Diana, and I lost 100 pounds in 11 months. It’s very common question for me to get “how did you lose…

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Behind the scenes of our Blogger Fitness Night!

The other night Chelsea and I threw the funnest mini-event! I’ve never thrown a blogger event before and was a little intimidated/nervous/totally clueless, so we kept it small, casual, fun, and very Jordan-ized. Since we’re all BFF’s I just wanted to share the behind-the-scenes fun with you! Thanks to Becca from Becca Marie Designs for…