Get free MAC lipstick by turning in empty containers! Details at

Wanted to pop in and share a quick makeup freebie tip that you may or may not have known about!

Today while my older kids were at preschool I ran some errands that have been on my to-do list for…well…about 4 months, I swear. One important errand? Pick up my favorite $16 MAC lipstick…for FREE!

All you have to do is…

Save your MAC containers and turn them in for free lipstick!Save your empty MAC containers. Once you get 6 containers (any kind of MAC product, it doesn't matter), then turn them in for a free lipstick! Just take your empty containers into a MAC makeup counter (at Nordstrom stores), hand them over, and tell them what lipstick color you want. Easy peasy!

Now, as you saw on my “everyday makeup routine” video, I use a blend of fancy makeup (like MAC), and plain ol' drugstore makeup. So no, I don't buy a ton of MAC makeup. But I keep a little baggie under my sink and collect my empty containers over time. It may take me a year (or two…) but saving them takes up no space so it doesn't bother me…and when you can get $16 lipstick for FREE, why not right?? My favorite color is High Tea, by the way.

Free MAC lipstick for turning in empty makeup containers

 I'm not a bold lipstick girl so I love this color because it is so feminine, natural, and pretty. I can wear it to the grocery store and not feel too done-up, but I think it makes my lips look fuller and makes me feel a bit more done-up than normal old gloss.

Get free MAC lipstick by turning in empty containers! Details at

I'm a believer in learning when to splurge and when to save. In terms of makeup, you can typically go cheap-o with lipstick (my favorite lipgloss is only $1, after all!). But the 2 products I buy and love from MAC that I feel are worth the investment are:

  • Their paint pots. As mentioned in my makeup tutorial, as long as you have a great eyeshadow primer, you can get away with wearing the cheapest of cheap eyeshadow. My favorite color of theirs is Bare Study. I put it over my entire lid, all the way up to my brow bone, and use it as my base color as well as a great primer.
  • Their eyeshadows. Even though you can get away with cheap eyeshadow with a good primer, I love having a small selection of drop-dead amazing shadows that really take my eyes to the next level. At $16 each they aren't exactly cheap (by a long shot). But MAN, their pigment intensity is amazing. My favorite colors include Honeylust, Expensive Pink, and Woodwinked – all super shimmery, subtle, and pretty. I loooove them.
    • TIP: To keep the eyeshadows from crumbling, split a cotton ball in half and close it on top of the shadow when you shut the lid. It helps pad and protect it in your makeup bag.
    • Another savings tip: The eyeshadows are $16 each. BUT…if you buy them in a palette they are more like $12 each, and are only $10 to refill – for the same size eyeshadow! I bought a 4x palette online and got free shipping (automatically), so it saved me $16 on the exact colors I would buy at the counter.

Again, it might take me quite a while to get up to 6 empty containers. But since I'm buying a few MAC products anyway, doesn't hurt to toss them under my sink, be patient, save them up, and get a free $16 lipstick out of it!