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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Santa Fe Cheese Soup

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! I my last post I gave you my top secret recipe to my ultimate Easy Cheese Crockpot Chip Dip. Here’s a great recipe to make after your party to use up your extra Velveeta! I made this last night and my husband kept taking a bite and saying, “wow, seriously,…

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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Easy-Cheesy Crockpot Chip Dip

  Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Since moving into our new house about 6 weeks ago, we have held more get-togethers than in the entire last year of living in our old house! Can you tell we’re excited to not be homeless any more? 🙂   One of my favorite go-to chip dips is a…

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Wet down your wet wipes!

source Having just had my 3rd child in 3 years, it’s safe to say that I am single-handedly keeping the wet wipes companies in business.  Thriving, even.  After wiping my 10,000th poopy butt, I learned a little trick that has made my life much easier! Today’s tip is an oldie, but a goodie.  It’s pretty…

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Homemade pumpkin puree

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday! Seeing as how it’s officially Fall, I’m sure you are starting to smell the cider and pumpkin  EVERYWHERE. While I, personally, thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of the bazillions of amazing pumpkin recipes out there, cans of pumpkin can be expensive and can certainly add up if you are making loads…

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Discount bread cart

Today I was at Walmart and stopped by my favorite rack, the discounted bakery rack. It reminded me of a savings tip that I must share!! Pretty much any grocery store, and even some restaurants, will sell bread that is a day or two old, or that will reach it’s “best if sold by” date…

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Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Crockpot salsa chicken

Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday!  We moved to a new house this week.  I’m. So. Tired. Being inspired by moving (not only not having time to cook, but not knowing where ANY of my kitchen stuff is) I thought I would share this quick, easy, cheap, and yummy recipe with you! It’s always a solid…