The Buildable Planner System: Everything You Need To Know!

Nov 15, 2023 | Budgeting, Organization, Productivity

THE VIRAL BUILDABLE PLANNER SYSTEM IS HERE! The Ultimate “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” Planner! Let's dive into alllll the fun details and features!

Oh, we are SOOOO excited about these beautiful new planners for you! The first time we launched these, they sold out in 20 minutes!!

Don't worry, they are back and we even have more cover options!

Why spend hundreds of dollars on planners that are full of things you don’t want or need? With our Buildable Planner System, you get to design your planner, your way! This beautiful and functional on-the-go system is a wallet, planner, and sanity saver, all in one.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Pick your cover: we have Camel, Blush, and Floral!

Step 2: Pick your favorite 4 Pagelet inserts, or get the full set of all 8!

Step 3: Insert your Pagelets into your cover using the elastic bands.

You can even use your Buildable Planner System as a wallet or purse, as it has slots for credit cards, a pen-holder, and more pockets!

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Block Schedule Pagelet: Our viral time-management system that helps you break your day into manageable time blocks, creating space for work, to-do tackling, family, appointments, tasks, and even “me” time.

Budget Tracker Pagelet: A portable take on our infamous budgeting system! Track your income, bills, expenses, spending, debt, and more…the easy way.

The Meal Planner Pagelet: Never hear “what’s for dinner” again! This pagelet helps solve your dinnertime dilemmas, by helping you plan meals for the week, as well as your grocery list and inventory.

Price Notebook Pagelet: The price is…right? Wrong? This Pagelet can help! Thoughtfully designed to help you track prices for all your commonly-used consumable goods, to stretch your grocery budget to the max.

The To-Do Book Pagelet: Let’s tackle that never-ending to-do list! Satisfying checklists and columns to help you take all those pesky tasks that are swirling in your brain, and get them onto paper.

Year-at-a-Glance Calendar Pagelet: Ol’ faithful…but better. With 12 (undated) month calendars, plus handy monthly productivity snapshots, enjoy keeping track of events, birthdays, vacations, meetings, appointments, priorities, tasks, and more!

Fitness Tracker Pagelet: Make your health a priority…in an approachable way! Set goals, track your water, log your meals, and more.

The Notebook Pagelet: A self-explained necessity! A beautiful place to capture all of your important thoughts, ideas, doodles, jots, notes, dreams, and more.

*Page Count: varies, approx 70 pages each, Pagelet dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 5 3/8″, Cover dimensions: 9″ x 7″, GSM: 100.

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Our buildable planner system covers can hold up to 8 pagelets – 6 held with the elastic bands, and two that can fit inside the front and back covers.


You can select which pagelets you would like, but they are currently required to order in quantities of 4 or 8.


YES! we are currently working on new ones! If you have something in mind that you would love to see please let us know: [email protected].

What Are Customers Saying About Their Buildable Planner?

Love mine! I will more than likely gift one to everyone this Christmas. My husband and I both love it! I will also get one for work! I love how compact and perfect they are.”   ~ Bekah

The buildable planner is an amazing tool that makes it easy to use as needed! Many weeks I am doing the same thing over and over again so I don’t necessarily need to have a perfectly dated planner. But having the options to move things around as needed is so easy. I love the flexibility this gives me!” ~ Ashley C.

I think its a neat idea! I like how there are different planners for different areas and you can customize for which ones you use!” ~ Kim

I've had this planner for a few months now, and it's gotten a lot of use. I love how customizable the contents are. You can put your booklets in whatever order you want them, choose which ones you want in the planner, and they're very well formatted! I'm so excited at the prospect of getting more booklets, I expect to use this planner system for a long time.” ~ Katie R.


Leave any other questions or comments you have about this planner collection in the comment section below! We hope you love them as much as we do!



  1. Megan

    If I get the bundle of 4.. can I buy more inserts later if I decide I want to try them?

  2. Sarah

    How many months are in the block schedule pagelet?

  3. Kasy Fiskalne

    This can be a really good way to save money and time. If we write everything down carefully, we will know what we can afford. Good organization is the foundation.


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