Boys Room Tour!

Hi guys I'm Alisha, Operations Director here at FCF. Jordan is currently on vacation without wifi so she asked me to share this with you. She recently filmed a tour of her Boys' room and shared it on the Millennial Moms Youtube channel.

I don't have kids myself but LOVE to see any room tour to get ideas for myself. I find that no matter what the room is intended for there are always things I never thought of. Like the light in the closet (spoiler :)) I can definitely put that to use!

Jordan mentions “I've got two boys, and sharing a room can be tight! Here's how we have not only decorated our boy's room, but have made it organized, functional, and individualized…all on a budget, of course!”

Watch it online or click and watch below:

I love how, even simple, it still is a great boys room where they can have their own space.

Here are some more specific details:

Bunk Beds

These bunk beds look great! I like that there are stairs instead of a ladder. Also anyway to get extra storage is a bonus with those drawers on the side.


As mentioned in the video making bunk beds are a pain but a great solution is Beddy's bedding. They are a bit of investment but worth it in quality and ease of use.

You can get 20% off your purchase! Use the code Take20 at Beddy's.

Plus you can get free shipping for orders over $50.


Most of the decor is from either Home Goods or Yard Sales.

Jordan mentioned that the magnet boards are from Ikea but you can also make your own bulletin style boards like these HERE.


I love the light in the closet! It is a great solution for those areas that you want a little light but don't want to add any permanent lighting in. Here is the light Jordan mentioned in the video.

What is your favorite idea from the video? Also can you help Jordan out with any ideas on the pallet? Comment below and let us know!


Have great day!


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Alisha 🙂


  1. AvatarMaureen says

    I love you and think you are extremely talented … But, what the hockey sticks is that wooden gizmo for? I’m with Bubba on this one … It’s dangerous and could fall over on the boys … Should be outside as flooring or a wiggle ramp for your treehouse, perhaps? Oh, Jordan, you are so funny!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Hahah I’m not telling him he has another vote! For the record, I only propped it up for the video and took it down after. Once I’m done painting it we will physically install it on the wall so it can’t fall over…that is, if I ever get around to painting it! ha!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      There’s not really a trick, just that if I see clothes on sale that are a little big for my kids I buy them anyway and keep them in a bin for when they get big enough!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh shoot I bet it’s expired now! Contact customer service and ask them, maybe they’ll honor it for you!

  2. AvatarKrista Moore says

    My initial thought for the pallet was to paint a dartboard for practice with nerf, soft darts. I know you mentioned not having toys in their bedroom. Maybe make it into a clothes hamper that they can practice wading up their clothes and ‘shooting’ inside. My other thought is painting a map of a place they like to explore outside, treasure map, etc.

  3. AvatarKirstin says

    Love the boys room!! I had a pallet on the wall in my old house and it is one of my favorite pieces ever. I flipped it backwards and added two wooden slats for shelving, plus you can even hang things on the wood in the back to give more dimension. Just an idea 🙂

  4. AvatarDiana Burk says

    I love the light in the closet, I have really wanted something just like that in my coat closet. Love your style!

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