Summer Reading Chart + Printable to Make Reading Fun!

Jun 2, 2020 | Baby and Kids, Lifestyle

Keep your kids engaged in reading this summer break and avoid the “summer backslide.” No more fighting the reading battle with your kids—make if fun and get them reading with this FREE summer reading chart printable!

We've got a FREE printable summer reading chart from Fun Cheap or Free that will help your kids to continue to learn and stay on top of their reading during the summer!

It's thought that students lose up to two months of academic progress during the summer school break. TWO months! Whaaaa? Stop the summer backslide by helping them continue their learning through books over the break. Kids not really up for that? Don't worry—we've got a trick up our sleeve!

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Instead of making reading a chore, make it a challenge! This fun summer reading chart printable allows you to track their progress and spur them on with the incentive of fun rewards. Help them learn to LOVE reading by turning it into a fun rewards system. Because, really… what kid doesn't like prizes?


Model reading for your kids to help them want to stay engaged and keep learning how to read. Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

Anyone else's kids love to give push back when it comes to reading? They just can't seem to get excited about it when all they have on their mind is summertime fun!

One of the best ways to instill good reading habits in your kids is to exemplify them yourself. Don't just tell them to read, show them how much fun it can be by doing it yourself. Grab a book and read it on the back patio in the summer sunshine. Taking time to read does NOT mean missing out on summertime fun!

If your kids aren't quite old enough for independent reading, make story time extra exciting by taking it lakeside or out to a park! They younger they equate books with fun, the easier their journey through learning will be.


Free printable reading chart from Fun Cheap or Free to help your child keep up with their reading!

If you're anything like us, sometimes we let our frustration show and treat school work and reading more like a necessary evil as opposed to the blessing it really is. Why do we do that!? Well, no more! It's time we show our kids (and ourselves) just how exciting reading really can be. Here are some tips to do just that!


Libraries have great summer reading programs where kids can have fun while also learning new things! Pair that with our summer reading chart from Fun Cheap or Free

Other great summer reading resources are the free reading programs at your local library. Almost every public library offers free readings of popular children's books. Some even incorporate songs and crafts into this time!

If you can't find any free reading programs in your area, make one yourself! Get together with a few other moms and take turns doing group read alouds. The kids will love it and the moms will love chatting, too. It's a win for everyone!


One of the best ways to keep your young reader engaged is to give them access to a lot of books. Local thrift stores almost always have tons of dirt cheap kid books to expand your collection. If you don't want to buy books, get a free membership to your local library and make weekly trips!

If you love to read, but only ever do it with your electronic reader, there will be an inevitable disconnect for your kids. Unless they have access to similar devices for their reading time, it just won't seem the same! Make an effort to still pull out a paper book at times to forge that bond that you are both doing the same thing. It's a small gesture that will pay dividends in the long run.


This summer reading chart is the perfect solution to helping get your non-reader engaged in books! They'll be challenged to meet their reading goals in order to earn fun prizes. The summer reading chart begins with simple rewards early on to encourage success, but allows them to read their way all the way to the big prizes. Talk about incentive!

Make reading a priority with this FREE summer reading chart printable. It will not only teach them to love the discipline of reading by helping them earn fun prizes, it will also help them retain, and continue to build upon, the skills they learned in school the previous semester.

The printable has 2 components: a chart to write down the books and a page with 100 books to color in as they finish them. The chart is pretty simple and they even get to rate the book when they're done! This is a great way for them to figure out what type of book is their favorite.

What have you done to encourage your kids to love reading? Share with us in the comments below!

Use our free summer reading chart to keep your kids on track this summer! Fun Cheap or Free

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