BEST Amusement Parks To Visit In July: FREEBS SUBMISSIONS!

Jul 3, 2023 | Family Time, Travel

I went to Instagram for some advice recently – seriously, ya'll are better than Google! Where is the best place to travel for amusement park rides AND the beach in July that isn't too hot? I asked, and the Freebs delivered! Here are the top destinations according to YOU:

As you may know, we have a tradition in our family. We take our kids on a special one-on-one trip with mom or dad when they turn 12 years old! Our oldest daughter Priya is about to celebrate her 12th birthday and has been thinking about where she wants our mom & daughter trip to be.

She has requested an amusement park with BIG rides, as well as somewhere we can also squeeze in some beach time…. Quite a tall order in July when we also don't want to roast ourselves!

Stumped for a location, I took to my Instagram stories and asked Freebs Nation for some recommendations. My oh my, did you all DELIVER! Dang, you sure know how to help a mama out!

Thanks to you, we now have plenty of options that I thought I would share a list in case anyone else is looking to do something similar:


  • Knott's Berry Farm + Venice Beach (or any nearby beach) – California
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angelas – California
  • Disneyland & nearby beaches – California
  • Santa Cruz Boardwalk – California
  • Busch Gardens – Florida
  • Universal Studios – Florida
  • Silverwood Amusement Park & Sandpoint Beach – Idaho
  • Great America & Lake Michigan – Illinois
  • Branson & Silver Dollar City – Missouri
  • Six Flags & Belmar Beach – New Jersey
  • Wildwood – New Jersey
  • Coney Island Boardwalk – New York
  • Cedar Point Amusement Park & Cedar Point Beach – Ohio *Most Popular Submission!*
  • Kings Island – Ohio
  • Galveston – Texas
  • Canada's Wonderland – Toronto
  • Busch Gardens – Virginia

Options Without a Nearby Beach:

  • Mall of America – Minnesota
  • Carowinds – North Carolina
  • Dollywood – Tennessee
  • Gatlinburg – Tennessee
  • Wisconsin Dells – Wisconsin

WOW! Sounds like Priya and I have some decision-making to do!

But seriously….hooowwww is she turning 12?!?

I must say, the OVERWHEMING majority of you (and we had thousands of responses) was Cedar Point, Ohio! I must admit, I'd never heard of it before. But now that so many recommendations have poured in, I just might have to check it out!

Let me know if you have any other recommendations in a comment below! Thanks Freebs!


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