4 Minute Summer Makeup Tutorial [Video]

4-minute summer makeup tutorial...great way to look put-together (but natural) this summer! (Mostly drug store products.) From FunCheapOrFree.com

The other day on Instagram I posted a picture of my go-to summer makeup look (and my belligerent 2 year old). You guys just about broke the internet asking for a tutorial, so here it is, babes!

4-minute summer makeup look.

I spend 75% of my time at the pool in the summer. However, I do come in contact with real humans from time to time and prefer not to scare anyone off. I made a video of my quick and easy, 4-minute summer makeup routine that is perfect for looking polished and put together, without covering up your cute tan lines or looking too done-up. The best part is that you can use any makeup you already have lying around! I use a great amount of drugstore makeup. Just watch, I'll prove it.

You can watch the video online or watch below:

See how easy that is?

Here's a list of the products I used for this look:

Anyone can do it. If you liked this video you should definitely subscribe to my Youtube channel, seeing as how we have a lot of fun over there.

Hope you enjoyed, and I hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

(P.S couldn't keep my eyes open at 11:00 last night and opted for bed instead of watching the Bachelorette train wreck…so no recap yet. But don't you fret, it's on the list for tonight so check my YouTube channel later!)



  1. AvatarDownstairs and in Debt says

    It’s so great to see a make up tutorial with affordable brands! I’m a new follower but already when I watch your videos and her “Hi Freebs…” I respond with “HI JORDAN!” here’s hoping I’m not alone 🙂

  2. AvatarLaura says

    Seriously love your beauty posts, Jordan.

    I know you’ve mentioned that you believe in pricier eyeshadows before. Have you noticed that they stay on longer?

    My other question is: I wear liquid foundation and I like some GOOD, solid coverage. How would you rate the coverage of the NS Minerals? Thanks, lady!
    Laura recently posted…GIVEAWAY: Fair Trade, Hand-Carved NecklaceMy Profile

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Great questions! I haven’t been able to use liquid – ever – in my life because my skin does NOT like it. But I’ve had some pretty hefty breakouts and NS does well! You could always buy a $3 sample and try it before committing to something bigger!

      And with the eyeshadows, I think if you invest in a good primer, you can get along fine with any eyeshadow. I like the Paint Pot primers from MAC. Thanks for watching!

  3. AvatarAmber says

    I love that you listed everything you use in the video, however you forgot to list the concealer you use and that’s the one thing I really wanted to know! Haha!

  4. AvatarDesiree says

    Thanks for the video! How did you figure out which color of NS Minerals Foundation matches your skin? Every time I buy a powder I find that it doesn’t really match mine.

    Also, what do you do differently during the other seasons?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Are you local? Email [email protected] and ask if you can match your skin. You could also buy a sample, I think it’s only $3. You might just need to mix 2 colors – if one is too dark and one is too light, blend them! That’s the beauty of powder 🙂 I have a dark one for the summer and alight one for the winter. I blend the two in between.

  5. AvatarKristin says

    Love the makeup tutorial and your cute mini manicurist! Got a question about your cute wall decorations in the background. Where did you find them? Great to spice up a solid colored wall.

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