Welcome back to Foodie Tuesday!
If your family is anything like mine, you go through a lot of cheese.
A LOT of cheese.
Unfortunately, cheese can be really expensive! Today I have a few tips for you to hopefully cut back on those cheese costs.
Tip #1: Buy Bulk/Stock Up
I've always sung the praises of buying bulk and stocking up when something is on sale (I love to price-match). It's not only typically cheaper, but allows you to have more of things on-hand preventing last-minute expensive trips to the store!
I like to buy my cheese in 5lb blocks from Costco.

But that takes up a lot of space in the fridge! And it tends to go bad, and get dried and crusty before you can possibly eat it all. Right?
To prevent that…

Tip #2: Freeze Your Cheese!

Slice it up…

Get yourself some wax paper (I use the convenient sheets from Costco)…

Cut up your wax so it's about the size of your slices of cheese (give or take)…

And layer the wax paper between your cheese slices so a little is showing above the cheese…

…like so. Can you see it poking out?

Put a stack of slices in a labelled ziploc bag, 

squeeze out as much air as possible, 

…and freeze!
When one bag is nearly empty just take another bag out of your freezer, leave it in your fridge over night, and you have a fresh bag of sliced cheese waiting for you in the morning. It tastes exactly the same, I promise!
**NOTE: The cheese does tend to be a little crumblier once it's frozen, which is why it's better to shred it or do slices rather than freeze an entire block.
Tip #3:      AIR = BAD
If you don't want to freeze the entire block of cheese, just be sure to wrap the remainder of the block tightly in saran wrap and secure with a rubber band, 
or put it in a ziploc and get out as much air as possible.

Tip #4: Don't throw it out!
If your cheese does get moldy, crusty, dark, or hard in some spots, don't throw it out! It doesn't spoil the entire block. Just cut off the bad parts and the rest is just fine!

Tip #5: Shred
Shredded cheese freezes like a champ! You can shred a block yourself, or you can be lazy like me and buy a big bag of shredded cheese.

Take a few handfuls, put them in ziplocks, label the bags, and freeze. Voila!
*NOTE: Cheese is easier to shred/grate when it's cold!
Freezing is the only way to go in my opinion. 
*No crusty cheese
*No wasted cheese
*and you always have fresh cheese on hand.
Tip #6: Freeze Anything
You can use this method with nearly any kind of cheese. 
I even freeze:
  • String cheese 
    • (I'll leave a few in my fridge at a time and keep the rest frozen. I'll grab a frozen string cheese when going out of the house for a few hours. It stays cold, then is perfectly thawed once my son needs it for a snack!)
  • those little Laughing Cow Swiss and Babybel cheeses
  • Mozzarella cheese 
    • (I shred it so I always have it on hand for pastas and italian dishes.)
  • Ricotta cheese 
    • (Stock up when it's on sale, then freeze it directly in the tub! Let it thaw and use it like normal in recipes. You'll never know the difference.)
  • Cream cheese 
    • (the consistency will be different, though; it becomes more flaky and crumbly. So I only use frozen cream cheese in recipes where you wouldn't know the difference.)
  • Havarti, swiss, provolone, or any other packages of cheese you may buy at the store. I have honestly frozen every kind of cheese I have ever bought!
    • NOTE: Never freeze natural cheeses. 
So there you have it!
I found a website with some other helpful tips that I haven't mentioned here. Click HERE to read their tips. Enjoy!