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DIY Twin Loft Bed…for under $100!

If any of you have been following this blog for at least 2.3 seconds, you probably know that I’m not much of a DIY’er. I just don’t have the genes for it, really. So since it’s crunch week and all (FBC is only 5 days away! AHH!) I thought I’d enlist the help of my…

Baby and Kids

Remember to be PRESENT this summer.

Summer is OFFICIALLY here. School is out, the weather is great, and pools are primed and ready for endless fun swimming. I’ve been swimming multiple times with my kids so far this summer, and each time I do I have to breathe. Deeply, and slowly, to ward off a not-so-small anxiety attack. Every time I…

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Tips and tricks for traveling with kids!

I love road trips, it’s true. But when you’ve got young kids, it can be…well…let’s just say A CHALLENGE. I was in Oregon all last week and made the trip BY MYSELF. It was tough because I was flying SOLO with my 26 month old and 8 month old. not easy, people. However, with lots of practice, trial,…