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Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, & how to make it work for everyone!

Allowance 101: How much to pay, why, and how to make it work for everyone! Includes free printables. From

A while ago I did a post about “Chores kids can (and should) do, by age“. In that post I promised to write about how we pay our kids allowance, and how much allowance is reasonable to pay kids. I’m FINALLY getting around to writing it…after 50 million years. The delay was somewhat intentional, believe it or…

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What I learned as a “single mom”: 1 dozen survival tips that worked for us.

GUYS. I can’t believe it. After 3 looooong months, Bubba is HOME! No more “single mom”-hood for me, and “Bachelor life” for Bubba. He is finally done working in Boulder, CO (read why he was there HERE). In case you don’t know, we have 3 kids  and I’m pregnant with our 4th.  Raising young kids…

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A day in the life.

*Note: I started writing this post before Baby Beck was born. But so far my day is structured basically the same way…but with less sleep now 🙂 I will have to do a new “day in the life” update post soon if anyone is interested! I have recently been getting a lot of the same type of…

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DIY Framed Guitars

Folks…I ACTUALLY did a DIY project! Aren’t you proud? And trust me, if I can do this, YOU can do this. Why? 1) I am NOT crafty, and borderline hate crafty things. 2) I’m cheap, house-poor, and can’t really spend much on my home decor. 3) My husband…bless his little heart…is about the least handy…

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How to make an area rug out of remnant carpet

Happy weekend, everybody! So on Tuesday I was on TV (see my segment details HERE) talking about 3 hot trends in frugality. DIY projects was one of them. But my “take-home message” was that… just because you do it yourself doesn’t necessarily mean it will save you money…you need to do your research first! I…

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A little about…me!

Happy Monday! Today I’m going to do things a little different. I’m doing a Valentine’s segment on Channel 2 tomorrow here in Utah and still have some work for that. Thus, I’m taking the easy route today. I have a (private, sorry!) family blog. Recently my husband and I had a ton of fun doing…