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Simple ways to save money with CHICKEN!

Several simple ways to save money with CHICKEN! From

I have another quick, easy, and oh-so-thrilling “cellphone savings tip” video for you! Here are several ways I save major money with good ol’ CHICKEN. By freezing it (and cooking it first in some cases) you won’t ever waste chicken again, and it will allow you to cook chicken dishes so much quicker! Here are several quick tips…

Food, Meal Prep Made Easy

(Surprising) Substitution for eggs in baking!

photo source Last Sunday (Father’s Day) I slaved the day away making my lovely hubby’s favorite meals. At the end of the day, he asked for his favorite dessert…gooey, chocolatey, delicious-y BROWNIES. I was half-way through making them (via a mix that I price-matched) and realized… I was out of eggs. DOH! Don’t you hate that?…