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Freebs! WOW. I had no idea my “The Truth About How Much Money We Spend” post would draw so much attention. Holy cow, can I just say I am so amazed at how passionate you all are! I have read and value EVERY comment that came in. Unfortunately I can’t physically comment on all 120+…


Ask Me Anything…Live Q&A TUESDAY! [May 19, ’15]

It’s been a while, so it’s time for another LIVE Q&A!! I love these sooooooo much. In fact, I’d like to start doing them every other week, to make me more consistent with them. Would you guys like that? Too often? Not often enough? Let me know in the comments below! For those who are…

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How to pull off a Weekend Getaway With Friends: Cost, Prep, Food, Fun, and Function! [Stone Hill Getaway]

Back in April we had Spring Break here in Utah. We pulled off a last-minute staycation weekend getaway with 5 families and it was SO DANG FUN. I posted a video on Instagram and you guys went BONKERS over it! Many of you were dying for details. You ask, I deliver! This is a megapost that…