7-Day Productivity Challenge: Day 1

Jordan loading dishwasher, from Fun Cheap or Free

Hay, haaay, Freebs! Welcome to day one of the 7-Day Productivity Challenge. Are you ready to learn the secrets to becoming a productivity ninja? Let's dive right in with challenge numero uno. Watch the video to learn more!

Sounds pretty easy, right?! Here's a quick rundown for the Day 1 challenge…

For one hour today, see how many times you can use the 10/30 rule.

As I said in the video, the 10/30 rule is really simple! Basically, you're going to take the 10 extra steps or spend 30 extra seconds to complete whatever youโ€™re doing.

Here are three examples of the 10/30 rule in action:

  • Instead of putting your plate in the sink, take the ten extra steps or 30 extra seconds to put it in the dishwasher.
  • Did you decide not to wear that shirt today? Instead of throwing it on the closet floor, go ahead and hang it up.
  • Have the cups been piling up on your bedside table? Take a few extra seconds to gather them up and take them to the dishwasher.

Want even more ideas to put this into action? Check out our 10/30 rule post HERE! It has a great printable with examples of how to use the 10/30 rule in all areas of your life.

Ready, set, GO! You've got this!

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Let's do this!

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