Exclusive Zarbee's discount

Ready for exclusive deal #3 for today (see #1 and #2 as well)?? This is another one that I am SUPER excited about. Zarbee's is the only cough medicine and sleep aid I'll give my kids. Mostly because I've tried everything and nothing else works as well, but also because it's all-natural so I don't feel guilty in the slightest for giving it to them. I worked for MONTHS to get an exclusive discount, and got one! This Zarbee's coupon code is for $1.50 off any product online AND free shipping! Here's the code:

Use code ZARBEESSLEEP to get $1.50 off any product + free shipping online!

Exclusive Zarbee's discountExclusive Zarbee's discountExclusive Zarbee's discount

As mentioned in my How to Cruise With Kids posts, the sleep aid saves us on vacation, and we won't leave home without the cough meds. It's a blend of natural honeys, and tastes as such so my kids love it.

I mentioned this deal briefly on Instagram HERE and people went so nuts over it, I was able to get Zarbee's to extend the discount for us! The code is good until 4/28/14

P.S…their adult cough medicine is on clearance for $3.99 right now. Knock $1.50 off + free shipping and you'd better STOCK UP FOR YOUR LIFE, BABY!

Zarbee's coupon