Welcome back to “You're Welcome” Wednesday where I share a creative tip with you that is bound to make you say…”thanks!”
Today's tip is a super helpful one for me, so hopefully it's useful for you, too!
Most women today have some form of hair straightener at their house.
Mine looks like this:
(I got it for a good deal at Bed Bath and Beyond, remember HERE?)
One thing that I have been doing with mine for YEARS is…
use it as an iron!
It's true!
I don't likehate…LOATHE ironing. I avoid it at all costs. Often times it's only a hem, collar, neckline, pleat, or area around buttons that need the most ironing, and those are all the hardest parts to iron!
My tip today? Use your little handy straightener! It works like a charm. 
It also works FABULOUSLY on kids' clothes.
 Check this out:

Priya has these adorable dresses that get super wrinkly. She's just a newborn so the dresses are tiny, and hard to iron. A straightener works perfectly!
(Sorry, these pics were taken with my phone)

Super wrinkly

Just apply a hot straightener…

…and there you go! So quick, easy, and effective!

Collars and necklines are tough, but work great with the straightener.

This works well on pleats too. Simply hold the straightener up and down and drag down in between the pleats.

It works just as well on adult clothes, you may just have to hold it for longer because the fabric tends to be thicker.

So there you have it! Next time you are straightening your hair just give your collar a quick ironing and you will look as spiffy as ever!
You're Welcome 🙂