Today's tip is one that I, personally, haven't tried (YET!) but found on Pinterest and just had to share. 
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Today's tip is:
Organize your curling irons & cords w/ PVC pipe
Genius, eh?
PVC pipe is pretty cheap (HERE are some price examples from Home Depot)
Here is what the original site says:

Use PVC pipe curling irons and cords

Hate the messy look of curling irons lying on the vanity or the toilet tank? Here’s a tip for you. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach 5-in. lengths of 2-in.- diameter PVC pipe to the vanity door to hold the curling irons. Do the same thing with 3-in. pieces of 1-1/2-in.-diameter pipe to hold the cords. Just measure your curling irons to see how long your “holsters” need to be. Let your curling irons cool before you stow them away.

This can work for all kinds of cords at the computer desk, too! So I don't know about you, but I'm excited to give this a try. Let me know if you do this project and have any tips to share.