Since it's the new year and all (2012? What? Where did that come from?!) I thought I'd share with you something my husband and I have started doing.
Once or twice a year I'll go through my clothes, looking for something to wear. I usually:
  • Can't find anything I want to wear
  • Am bored of everything
  • Wear the same things over and over
  • See something I forgot about and say, “oh yeah! I'll wear this soon, I promise.” and never do.
Sound familiar?
Well here's a tip for you…
Flip Your Hangers

Here's the concept:
Flip all your hangers backwards. Once you wear something, you return it facing forward, so now it is hung properly. At the end of one year anything still left hanging backwards should be donated or tossed.
Genius, right?!
This is fun, cheap, or free in so many ways:

  • It will lesson your need desire to shop because it helps you see things in your closet that you normally don't think to wear, increasing your clothing options.
  • It helps you clean out your closet at the end of the year.
  • If you decide to sell your stuff, you could even make a little money from this project!
So give it a try! I've been doing it for a while now and love it. I even got my hubby on board 🙂

(Originally saw this idea on Pinterest)
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