We're starting a new series, “You're Welcome” Wednesday!

We're calling it “you're welcome” because on Wednesdays we'll share a home remedy/money saving/creative tip that you will be sure to love. Thus, you will say “thank you” for sharing it….and we will say “you're welcome”.
Get it? 🙂

The first “You're Welcome” Wednesday tip is…

I found this great tip on how to stretch your dish & hand soap farther by making it a foam!

Simply save a foam dispenser bottle like these:

Take a normal hand or dish soap, fill the empty foam dispenser anywhere from about 1 inch up to 1/3 of the bottle, then fill the rest with water! Gently tip upside down to combine the water and soap, but be very careful to be gentle – it'll be too sudsy otherwise.

There you have it! You're stretching your hand and dish soap WAY farther, but still getting the germ-fighting power you need, AND you're saving empty containers from going to the trash. Don't you feel good? 🙂

You're welcome 🙂

Thanks for the tip, Frugal Girls